Raising Healthy Babies

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When you have children this is always going to be your main goal. Their health and happiness will always take priority over yours, no matter how exhausting that is. There are plenty of things that you can do to protect their health, but it is important to make sure you’re not being overprotective. They need to make their own mistakes and find things out for themselves, it is a natural part of learning. But as a mother, this just becomes so hard to do. Don’t be too overbearing, but don’t take too much of a back seat. It is important to remember that there are going to be things that will happen out of your control as well. So if you’re wondering what you can do to make sure you’re raising healthy babies, I’ve created a guide for you outlining some of the best things that you can do.

Skin Care

300x600, SwaddledBaby, Project Nursery Shop, largest children's design resourceSkincare is something pretty much all parents will struggle with at some point. From diaper rashes to heat rashes, babies will get them all. They’re ever so uncomfortable for the child and can be rather distressing for you to see them in pain. diaper rash is definitely the most common of skin conditions, and there are ways of preventing it. The main is regularly checking your child’s diaper to make sure there’s nothing in there. It doesn’t matter what it is, anything that isn’t supposed to be there will cause irritation to the skin. Make sure when changing a diaper that absolutely everything is clean and dry before replacing with a clean diaper. It is also good practice to apply cream to the area even if it isn’t sore. It’ll prevent it from happening in the future and soothe the skin of your baby. If they do have a diaper rash, it is ever so important that you’re keeping the area fresh, dry, clean, and apply diaper rash cream a few times a day.

Other skin care conditions can come about due to the bathing routine you have with them. Babies can’t spend as long in the bath like us, and they can’t have the baths too hot. Their skin is so much more sensitive, so the hotter you have it the quicker it is going to dry out. Try not to use scented soaps until they’re a little older as well. Even though it might only be mild, it can cause irritation and dry the skin out. Natural products are so much better for your baby anyway! Creams such as the ones sold by Mustela USA are perfect to use on your baby after bath time if they’ve got a bit of dry skin. Sometimes it is a good practice just give them a light coating of cream even if they don’t have dry skin. Not only are the moisturizers, they’re a protective layer for the skin as well. Make sure you’re not coating the skin with it, however. It can quickly turn greasy which can lead to even more problems, and ruin the natural oils of the skin. If your child has a skin condition, make sure the creams you’re buying aren’t going to flare anything up.



The food you feed them plays a big part in their health. When they’re first born, the best thing a mother can do is breastfeed. But for various different reasons, we understand this isn’t always possible. Bottle formulas are now so advanced they contain nearly the same amount of nutrients that breast milk would. As they progress to toddler age, make no mistake that they’re still your babies. You’ll be clinging on to that for as long as you can. So when they’re weaned on normal foods you need to start being extra careful with regards to what you’re feeding them. Child obesity is on the rise so much in different countries, especially the US. This is all down to the bad eating habits they pick up right from the moment they go onto solids. Rather than filling their lunches and dinners with processed bad foods, try going organic and creating nutritious meals. We understand that sometimes it is a lot easier to put a ready meal in the microwave, but some of the recipes on the internet only take 20 minutes to do. That’s 20 minutes that means your child’s health will stay in tip-top condition. When they’re as young as toddlers they need all the right amount of vitamins and minerals to make sure they’re developing properly. Being deficient in certain vitamins at that age can stunt growth as well as cause other issues. As they move on up through the years try to teach them to reach for a piece of fruit for a snack rather than chocolate. But if you want to keep everyone happy, you’re going to need a cheat day at least once a week. Don’t be afraid to tuck into a once every weekend or two to keep things balanced.


Play & Interaction

Their mental health should be just as important as their physical health to you. There are now studies showing that children as young as six are showing signs of depression. I’m sure all of us adults reading this will be mind boggled by this. Children are supposed to be young, wild, and free of any cares in the world. Make sure they’re getting out and creating many friendships to help their imagination run wild. The more time they spend in front of a TV from a young age, the fewer experiences they’re going to have. It has been shown that this is what causes mental health issues from a young age. You don’t want them to lead a sheltered life either due to things they might fear. Some children are petrified of cars, dogs etc. because they’ve just spent so much time inside. They need to explore the world and realize what it’s like in order to grow as a person with a healthy mindset.

So there you go, ways in which you can raise healthy babies from all areas of their life! Do you have any tips on raising a healthy baby? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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