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I’m Flattered, But My Husband Said It’s Not About Me!

I’m flattered that, after reading my AWESOME content you were more curious about the lady behind that incredible piece of content.  However, my hubby, with more than 25 years as a “Professional Sales Executive ” said to me, “They are here because they want to know how your site can benefit them.” He said that you are wondering, “What’s in it for me?” After about a 15-minute debate and me showing him ALL my social proof, he said I was right. However, after 17 years of Marriage, he has mastered the concept, ”Happy wife, happy life.” So, I’ll indulge him. What’s in it for you?  

Like I mentioned earlier, I have been married for 17 years and have TONS of stories of the good and the bad to share.  The most popular blogs of these ups and downs are:

I am also a mother of three. Not only do I have stories, I have tips on budgeting, school, discipline, teaching, etc.

I am also a woman with children who put on pounds that I wanted to lose.

I am also a professional blogger and educator and I love to share my tips on how to be successful.

Lastly, I am a storyteller and I like to create content pieces for those who like to escape every now and then.

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The above section is our little secret and Tim doesn’t need to know?

When I graduated from college nearly 2 decades ago, I received a degree in IMG_9150Business Management with an emphasis in Human Resources and a concentration of Training and Development. I thought I would spend the rest of my life training people to be the best they can be while developing their passions. I enjoyed my work while running 2 different event planning businesses and writing content for businesses, all while being a supportive wife and mother.  After 17 years of enjoying that work and home life, and four years of research and additional training, I took my passion of writing in my journal to the internet and that is when I created LavandaMichelle.com.


It all started over a decade ago with these words: “Baby, how’s your day going?” I was looking out to the patio at my girls as they played in the yard. My hubby held me from behind listening while I smiled explaining what I had done so far that day. His next words were, “Is there anything I can do to help you?” Those words were music to my ears. I turned and looked at him and explained that I was about to put the dishes in the washer and start lunch.

He walked over to the kitchen table, grabbed a chair, placed it where I was standing then said, “Have a seat. Let me put these dishes away and order take out.” Then he asked if I have any event work this week. As he handed me my calendar from my kitchen office space, I looked at him and said, “Not really. Only about an hour or two of work.”

IMG_9153He placed an order of takeout from our favorite Italian restaurant and started loading the dishes in the dishwasher while he began with what I now call his “I love that you support me, pitch.”  It always started like this; “I am so happy that you said yes because you are so supportive of my dreams. I knew you were made for me at first glance. I love that you have such great patience which makes you a great mom and an excellent lifelong learner. You’re so resourceful. I have a client who would love to take advantage of the online marketplace with a website, Facebook account, and a Myspace page (Yeah, good old myspace). I admire how you have been using social media to build relationships grow your client base. He’s allocated some extra budget for me to do what you do. I was wondering if you had a few hours today to help me come up with a social media marketing strategy? I will feed the girls and put them down for a nap and we can start then. How’s that sound?”

IMG_1526My husband, the master seller, not only “assumed the closed,” but scheduled it as well. I smiled and said, “That sounds like fun.” As I watched the girls play while Tim finished cleaning and setting the table for lunch, I started jotting down what I did and why. After lunch, I grabbed my heavy laptop. In 2007 they were referred to as notebooks and where around $2,000 and heavier. I set us up a workstation at the dining room table where we would get it done. The next day Tim said he had delivered beyond his client’s expectations. He also received a bonus and some significant referrals. I eventually became a Social Media Strategist, Website Developer, and Content Creator. Over the years that title has evolved to Brand Strategist and Blogger Extraordinaire. This part of our life had begun to explode. While Tim was excelling as a Digital Media Strategist, I had begun holding seminars and classes to train men and women in these skills.

A year ago, after 17 years of journaling, 10 years of writing content, and creating websites for businesses, I created my personal blog to share my experiences with the world as a mom and wife. I had no expectations of making money yet, I was making money. In fact, I made $21,972.68 my first year as a blogger. Just one month into blogging I won my first of four awards and my family, friends, and clients started requesting content on blogging. That was easy for me because I had compiled ten years of research and writings.



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