6 Reasons Why Multi-Level Marketers Should Start a Blog

Multi-Level Marketers

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Blogging is very underestimated. While generally thought of as a boring page of information, blogs can actually be cool, fun, and most of all, very informative to their respective audiences. My wife is a blogger and she enjoys, not just the writing and creative outlet, but the relationship-side of it as well. She actually has friendships from blogging. She’s always telling me about the nice things people say to and about her. This is one of the biggest reasons MLMers should blog. You build community and provide value.

Multi-Level Marketers


There’s a wide-open opportunity to provide huge amounts of value to readers and searchers alike through blogging.  They can browse through your titled writings, pick a subject, and get to know you more. After all, people buy from people they Know, Like & Trust.

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Blogging, when done correctly, can get your boss fired…by you. Working from home is one of the most commonly desired accomplishments to reach within the MLM industry. Most get involved with the end in mind of doing just that. Tying your MLM in with blogging could very well explode your recruitment rate.

I find myself in amazement over my wife’s largely organic following and grateful that blogging has replaced her job allows her to work from home with me more often. I really love that part.



So blogging allows you to offer great value to large communities who will come to view you as a leader and authority around your subject of expertise. Besides the followers you currently have, new ones will come through Google searches and social media mostly, if you’re a progressive MLMer. When search engines like Google are paired with Facebook, Emailing, and the power of a Blog, there is an exponential growth waiting to happen for your business.

Multi-Level Marketers


If you were a blog (not blogGER), you would want to be seen. Google loves you ever since their “Freshness” algorithm rolled out in 2017. It favors websites that are updated often. That sounds like a blog to me. Also, there’s the additional SEO that can be added to make your entire Blog higher in rank as well.

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So you’ve been thinking you’ll get a conventional website or you may only have social media – maybe you have both. How are they working for you? Are you getting conversion of recruits and product sales? Is your traffic what it needs to be? As you see from the above, blogs serve many purposes at once. Blogs give you the ability to post business info and allow easy purchasing like websites, you can post socially as well as “friend” and “follow,” like soc|med does as well. The extra advantages that blogs offer are

  • unlimited friends and followers,
  • curating endless content
  • stories sell
  • exclusive space


Are you a Multi-Level Marketer? Do you experience the usual difficulty in growing your business? Are you blogging about your opportunity? Did you need more info about creating a profitable blog for business?

What are your thoughts?  Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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6 Reasons Why Multi-Level Marketers Should Start a Blog 6 Reasons Why Multi-Level Marketers Should Start a Blog


18 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Multi-Level Marketers Should Start a Blog

  1. I think that MLM should start blogging. If you build community and provide value it is a win for you.

  2. Ever since I started really working to build my blog traffic and finding better ways to get revenue from my blog, my husband, who values other’s companies, told me that it’s like I’m taking a crash course in marketing. Blogging is exactly that.You market yourself by posting.

  3. We love the blog community! This is a great list of reasons for any professional to start a blog 🙂

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