Why We Love The Newborn Stage Of Motherhood (And How To Remember It)

When your newborn baby comes into the world, it produces profound changes in your psychology. All of a sudden, you’re a mother and responsible for the life of another person. It’s a significant change. 

The first six months you spend with your child are a special time. Every mom looks back on them with a sense of nostalgia and fondness. We yearn to return to those days because they are so unique. 

In this post, we look at why mothers love the newborn stage of parenthood and how they can better remember it. 

The Newborn Scent

Biology is very clever in how it makes us fall in love with our infants. They seem to come prepackaged with all these features that make them intractably adorable. 

Perhaps the most unexpected is the scent. As a mother, it is one of the first things that you notice. You just want to snuggle with them for hours at a time. 

Their Feet

The next thing we love is their hands and feet. They kind of look like miniature versions of our own. But they’re just too adorable for words. And super soft too. 

The Gummy Grin

Babies have no teeth because they need to be able to suckle on the mother comfortably. But, from an aesthetics perspective, it doesn’t seem to matter. Their gummy grin is something that stands out a mile off and instantly brings a smile to your face. 

According to Michael Kormos, parents can capture this stage in their baby’s life with a photo shoot. Having the right photographs can remind you what it was like in the past and give you a sense of connection to the newborn stage, years in the future. 

The Baby Babble

Babies are strange creatures. Researchers believe that they don’t have a formal sense of self or even consciousness. For somebody in the first few months of life, the world just seems like an extension of themselves. They’re not even aware that they have a body. What they experience is like some pure form of consciousness without language or anything else muddying the waters. 

Baby babble is the result of this process. They make all kinds of strange noises in the first few weeks of life, mainly related to their primary and immediate needs. As mothers, it is hard to resist those adorable giggles. 

The Cute Outfits

Babies are so young that they don’t have any notion of what they should wear. That leaves mothers free to doll them up however they like, wearing the cutest outfits you can imagine. 

For some, the ultimate choice is tiny onesies with a window at the back for changing nappies. For others, it is baby tuxedos. Whatever it is, it all looks super cute – we just can’t help ourselves. 

The Skin-To-Skin Contact

Nature designed our brains to release feel-good hormones when our bodies come into contact with another person. Just touching the skin of a baby is enough to make you feel relaxed and happy. And that could explain why you back on your newborn experience with such fondness. 

What are your thoughts?  Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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5 thoughts on “Why We Love The Newborn Stage Of Motherhood (And How To Remember It)

  1. Reading your blog post brought a little tear to my eyes as I remembered every little memory from both my children, especially their baby scent, chubby smiles and cute little feet

  2. Oh my goodness…. I just love this post and seriously…. I so miss when my kiddos were this little! I want to have another but am getting to old…. LOL but will just have to wait for grandkids and then I will beg to watch them anytime that they need me as I will cherish this age. I loved every stage but especially when I first brought them home and they were so tiny and new 🙂

  3. I am currently 3 months postpartum now and I can totally relate to this! I love how needy and clingy our newborns are. There is that natural bond and love coming from you that you can’t explain why. You just naturally care and love them and fulfill their needs.

  4. My mummy still remembers those quiet times with lots of sleepy baby snuggles and skin to skin. It was lovely and she really missed BF’ing when she stopped when I was 1yrs old. 7 years later cuddles are all she gets!

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