Women Key to Family Health – Tips and Tricks

Women Key to Family Health - Tips and Tricks

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Family health is as strong as the healthy habits of each of its members. And as a parent, you will teach your children about hygiene and dietary habits, but also about positive thinking and how to overcome challenges in life. This is a huge responsibility which mostly falls on the shoulder of women but they are more than capable to deal with it efficiently and successfully.

In most households, women decide on the products and spend the most time with children after they are born. This presents a unique opportunity to influence the health of the whole family and change its lifestyle for the better. And with the following tips and tricks, you can do the same.

Women Key to Family Health - Tips and Tricks

It’s all about the basics

The most important and first most thing you will have to teach your children is to wash their hands. Children like to touch things and then put hands in their mouth, it’s something normal and their way of finding more about the world. Although you can’t prevent that from happening, you can teach them to wash their hands regularly in order to avoid stomachache and bacterial infections.

Also, make sure they know that picking up food from the floor and eating it is bad and something they shouldn’t do regardless if it doesn’t look dirty. It will be hard in the beginning, but in time, your children will adopt proper behavior and even remind you here and there to do the same. Just be patient and always have the time to explain and teach them the right way to behave so they would associate positive feelings with the instructions.

Women Key to Family Health - Tips and Tricks

Be physically active

Stressful jobs and sedentary position most of the time have led to an increased number of heart conditions, obesity, and depression. These are all things that can negatively affect your life and jeopardize the health of your family. However, there is a lot you can do to remedy this and even create some quality family time for the whole family to participate.

Instead of spending weekends inside, go on a camping trip or picnic in nature and enjoy some fresh air and greenery. Limit the use of cell phones and spend time talking to each other, hiking and learning more about the environment. Also, consider going for walks in the evenings or doing yoga in the backyard, which is the ideal activity if you have really small children. Riding bikes or jogging are also great ways to stay active with your family and keep you all in perfect shape.

Women Key to Family Health - Tips and Tricks

Reward good behavior

Encouraging good behavior is important for the learning process. However, it’s easy to go overboard with rewards so make sure you keep it modest and without extravagance. For example, take them to the movies if they tidy their rooms or help you out with some house chores.

Don’t turn it into a habit though, but use it as a learning curve that every good behavior carries some sort of reward which is not necessarily a material one. You can show them this by taking them to a soup kitchen to help and see that their actions can have a positive change in the world.

Women Key to Family Health - Tips and Tricks

Teaching your kids more routines

Kids like to imitate their parents and it’s not uncommon for them to adopt some habits that you and your partner already have. This gives you a considerable advantage to teach them it’s important to brush their teeth or using washlet after going potty. Buy a small stool so your child can stand on it and you can wash your teeth together turning it into your little daily routine.

Also, consider installing a bidet in your bathroom whether as a separate fixture or an accessory to the toilet. It will keep the whole family healthy from infection, irritation, and rashes, but also teach your children the importance of cleaning themselves after going potty. That way, they will less likely develop certain diseases and also take good care of their skin.

Women Key to Family Health - Tips and Tricks

Dedicate time to your children

It’s easy to give your child a smartphone to play games or let them watch TV, but it is later on hard to remedy the consequences of those actions. While a child will have fun, they will start losing the social tether that connects them to other people and could adopt wrong values. Even when you are the most tired, you are still a parent responsible for child’s development and that is a 24/7 job.

But the key is to find the approach that will be both fun for you and the child, as well as relaxing and full of teaching moments. Sing together with your children since it’s proven to reduce stress and elevate the mood. Tell them stories and talk to them about their day since that will teach them to address their feelings properly and to be used to communicate. Find a hobby you can do together like gardening which is a fun way to spend time with them and create something tangible together that will be a symbol of your family.

Women Key to Family Health - Tips and Tricks


Family health consists of behaviors and habits that children need to learn from an early age in order to respect them. As mothers, women are key to teaching their children proper hygiene and acting as a driving force for the whole family. It’s not an easy task but with these tips and tricks any woman, as well as man, can do it efficiently and with a minimum of trouble.

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Guest Post By Sarah Jessica Smith

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Women Key to Family Health - Tips and Tricks

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