Letters To Santa

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Dear Santa

This year I really really really tried my hardest to listen to Tonja, but she gets on my nerves. She always takes my doll without asking and she doesn’t let me play with her dolls. She even told my mom that I took a candy cane off the tree even though she did to. I will try harder next year. School is fun my new teacher Mrs. Matthews allows me to help in class, I love to be a helper. I also won first place in the science fair for my volcano. I hope you like the cookies we made, I made the one with the red and white snowflakes.

Santa I am not sure if I was good enough, but I gave my cabbage patch kid to my friend at the homeless shelter, but I really miss her. I would really love another one and I promise to take care of her and not give her away.

Christmas 1985


Dear Santa

I know you are busy with all the new children in the world, but there is one child I would like to introduce you to. My beautiful daughter Zyan. She truly surprised and turn my life around. I wasn’t expecting to have children this young, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. We had a rough start, in the beginning. She wasn’t a crier, but she didn’t sleep through the night. She always wanted to play. However, for the last 5 months, she has been sleeping through the entire night.

I am a nursing mom, and for some reason, my little lady will not take the bottle, I think she has her mother stubbornness, ever since she was born she would not take the bottle, therefore, I would go home from work 3 times daily or I would just bring her. Now she takes the bottle. I was promoted at work, I bought my first car, and I have my very own apartment. I also have been able to maintain a budget and build a nice savings account.

Christmas 2002

Dear Santa,

This year was tricky, working at the rape crisis center has become more than I bear. I resigned my position and I am living off my savings for a few months now, I only have 11 months salary in my savings, ongoing back to work in a few months.  Because Zyan us going to be a big sister mid-February. We are so excited about the addition, three will become four. I can’t wait to welcome, our Zoey to the family.

Christmas 2004


Dear Santa,

This year was much better than the last. The death of my mother-in-law last year created my little miracle and now four has become five.  Just before Mother’s Day, we welcomed Zaya into the world. Yes, another beautiful expression of God’s feminine attributes in a healthy girl.  She had slept through the night, unlike her two sisters, since she was born. Like Zoey, she takes the bottle along with natural nursing. Every time I see my little girls my heart melts and their daddy cannot get enough of them. My girls are so close, always hugging each other and having fun together.

Christmas 2006


Dear Santa,

This year was full of ups and downs. Going down from a two-car home to a no-car home has been challenging these few weeks. However, our Party of five becoming a party of seven.  We welcomed to fur babies into our home.  We started this summer by adding Zeus, a Plott Hound-Labrador mix.  This fall we welcomed yet another male in our home, the Grey Tabby we call Poseidon {I wanted a four-letter Z name like Zeno but I was out-voted). At least my hubby isn’t the only male in the home.

I also started blogging to share my journal online and I love it!!  These four months have been so much fun. Next year I will be adding reader requests. My daughter will continue to guest blog,  and I will be sharing my knowledge and creativity to my blog.  I have so many plans for my blog next year, I truly can’t list them all.

P.S. Santa: I know I haven’t asked you for anything in years, but this year I would love a Subaru Forester.  I so love this vehicle and it is perfect for my family.  I promise to drive with care.

Christmas 2017

Writing letters to Santa is a Christmas tradition I truly cherish. Are you asking Santa for anything this year? What are you doing for Christmas this year? What is your favorite tradition? I’m so interested to know.

Until Next Time, Shine Amongst the Stars!

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