My Favorite Christmas Tradition

Letter to Santa

Growing up we had our Christmas traditions that I loved and cherished and I shared with my children. One of the most favorite traditions was making cookies and having milk ready for Santa. It was always fun because every year he would leave a note and let us know how good the cookies were. I remember one year he requested a star-shaped sugar cookie and a double chocolate chip cookie. During a different Christmas, Santa wanted hot cocoa and graham crackers. I remember being extremely curious that year.

He also knew our great accomplishments that year. He knew if I had won the science fair or received all A’s on my report card. He also knew if we had areas we needed to improve. My areas of improvement always had something to do with my sister Tonja. We are 11 months apart in age and although she was the elder, I saw her as my age and not my older sister so I would question that authority thing she’d throw around especially for the month we were the same age. Over the years I had matured and came to admire her and wanted to be just like her, and Santa would always thank me for that.


Around my 9th Christmas Santa had written me a letter. In this letter, he told me that there were so many new boys and girls coming into the world and he would be giving up some of his responsibilities to my parents. One of those responsibilities was my Christmas list. He informed me that my parents were able to watch me through the year and would give me the things on the list I deserved. That was true motivation to be on my best behavior. He wrote me in this letter that he wanted me to improve yearly and also wrote a letter to my parents about things I was proud of that year and things I needed to improve on.


My favorite part of the letter and the thing that made me the proudest was when he wrote that not only were my parents taking over some of his responsibilities, but he would also need me to take over some responsibilities as well. I remember smiling so big at the chance to help Santa and how I couldn’t wait to read what responsibilities he needed my help with. As I read that part of the letter I made sure I payed close attention. As a matter of fact, I remember reading it several times.

He recruited me as his number one helper or deputy elf. He asked that I always give something to express my love to my siblings and parents. He also wanted me to share that love with as many people as needed it through volunteer work and charity. He even made my life easier by listing local ways in which I could volunteer.


Year after year I wrote the letter to my parents. I also expressed my love through home-made morsels and treats. It felt good when I was able to buy things for my loved ones and send it with a hand-crafted card. Over the years I would start this process earlier and I would eagerly look forward to Christmas. I remember my roommates in college watching me write my letter to my parents. I also recall how they felt when I told them the story. They had promised to share this tradition with their future families as well. To this day I am thankful for this tradition and happy to pass it on.

I remember when Santa wrote that letter to each of my little girls once they reached a certain age. I remember seeing the sparkle in their eyes that I recalled in mine when I learned of my new responsibility assigned by Santa. I looked at how happy they were to share in the responsibility of Christmas. Just thinking about this great tradition brings tears to my eyes and is one of my favorite things about Christmas. What are your traditions? Do you enjoy passing them on? Are there some that you dislike and couldn’t wait to ditch? Are there any last minute things you need to get? If so, please share in the comments. I would love to read about them.

Until Next Time, Shine Amongst the Stars!

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