5 Ways to Shop Smarter During Sales

5 Ways to Shop Smarter During Sales

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We often think that there’s no such person who doesn’t like shopping, whether it’s a planned shopping spree or just a random stop by the store. And just like that, on the third day, God created discounts so the women around the world could buy more of the things they don’t need, and things they’ve already had in their closets. But, there’s no room to panic, ’cause there’s a cure for compulsive shoppers, and you’ll only have to follow these simple steps.

Rule number one: Focus on key items

You will definitely have to sit down and make up your mind. Think of the things that you really need once the sale strikes, and which are easily mixed and matched with the rest of the clothes you already own. Your main focus should be the key items such as classic outerwear, a pair of quality shoes and jeans, and a bag. Decide which of these things you lack, and then call a friend to keep you company while you’re raiding the stores. I’m sure they give their best judgment, plus it’s never a dull moment when you’re together. Don’t ever regret spending your money on essential pieces, because these are the things that should be pricier than the rest of the clothes. This way you can combine cheaper things like dresses or shirts, and still be able to remain elegant and chic. Or, if you already have some of the key items but you’re over them and done for good, then buy new ones at once, ’cause well, YOLO. Also, regardless of the season, you should never regret buying swimsuits on sale. You can always find your perfect bikini, from teeny tiny two pieces to Brazilian bottoms, or even one piece swimsuits from Contessa Volpi where you can find the hottest colors and patterns. These are the items we get to wear in all seasons, whether you’re a beach bum or a spa lover, so don’t be afraid to treat yourself to one.

5 Ways to Shop Smarter During Sales

Set a reasonable budget

Don’t waste your whole salary just because something is too cheap not to buy! It’s pointless, and there’s a great chance you’ll cry over your stupid choices later. I bet those things aren’t as cute as their price, so skip it. Take a reasonable amount of money and put it in your wallet before you head to the mall. This way you won’t be spending like there’s no tomorrow and you’ll be proud of yourself for not wasting your cash by being a compulsive little brat.

When in doubt, get out!

Ok, so you’ve spotted a very cute piece of jewelry that’s calling your name from the display rack, and you couldn’t just pass it by. So you start thinking it’s totally cute; it’s not like you actually need it, but it won’t impact your wallet that much… If you’re having second thoughts, and you keep putting it on and taking it off, then the universe is trying to tell you that you’re not that into it. Or maybe you are, but deep down you know it’s completely unnecessary. So leave that thing for later when you are 100 % sure you’re buying it.

5 Ways to Shop Smarter During Sales

Choose what fits your size, not your budget

Buying a dress that doesn’t suit your body type is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Useless and disappointing. Just because that certain thing is finally on sale doesn’t mean it’s meant for your proportions. Be realistic about your own body, and don’t just get blinded by the price. If it doesn’t fit, move on and spend that money on some nice lunch instead.

Don’t push the trend you can’t pull off

Ok, we get it. The snakeskin leather jacket from Zara is the latest obsession of the season, and everyone on Instagram is spreading their venomous vibes. But, don’t buy it just because you are able to finally afford it. Can you think of a few ways to wear it? Is it work appropriate? Would you be able to pull it off? If the answer is no, then find another winter staple you can wear on several occasions.

5 Ways to Shop Smarter During Sales

So, are you ready to hit the stores with a collected mind and an unaffected wallet? If the answer is yes, go take what you really need and thank us later.

What are your thoughts?  Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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5 Ways to Shop Smarter During Sales



5 Ways to Shop Smarter During Sales


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