Unique Ideas For Personalized Gifts

Unique Ideas For Personalised Gifts

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Personalizing a gift is a great way to make it unique. It shows that you didn’t just pick it off a shelf in a hurry and that you put time and effort into choosing it, which in turn makes the recipient more appreciative. Everyone knows the obvious personalized gifts such as mugs and t-shirts, but there are all kinds of other ways of personalizing a gift.

Engrave a gift

There are companies out there such as The Engraved Gifts Company that can allow you to create your own personalized engraved gifts. This includes keyrings, lockets, tankards, hip flasks, and photo frames. The engraving could be their name or it could be a short message. You could even include a date in order to give the item some history in the future. Such engraving services often use stainless steel, however, you may be able to pay extra to get some silverware engraved.

Create a photo collage

A photo collage can be a step up from a single photo in a frame, allowing you to display multiple photos. This could allow you to collect lots of special memories and piece them together in a creative way. For a romantic gift, you could even assemble these photos in a heart shape. A photo collage is something you can easily do yourself using scissors and glue, however, there are online tools that can allow you to build your own collage digitally if you’d prefer.

Label your own beer

Know someone that loves their beer? There are sites such as Grogtag that can allow you to buy beer with a customized label in order to add your own personal twist. You get to first choose the type of beer you want and then you can choose the design of the label (such companies can also throw in customized beer mats to match). You could name the beer after them and you may even be able to use a photo on the label.

Unique Ideas For Personalised Gifts

Make your own M&Ms

Did you know that you can also personalize M&Ms? The official My M&Ms site allows you to create your very own design – this could include a name or a date. In fact, you can even print photos onto M&Ms! This could be a great gift for a chocolate lover. Such gifts are also popular for events such as weddings and special birthdays.

Design a custom quilt

Another idea could be to design your very own quilt. This can now be done using quilt block patterns, which come complete with instructions for sewing and cutting. It’s also possible to make a quilt out of old clothes. You could even consider buying some t-shirts such as sports shirts and band tees and making your very own patchwork quilt – if this sound like too much work, there are companies out there such as Meg’s Quilted Memories that can create a quilt for you. This could be a great gift for a partner or for kids.
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Buy a personalized license plate

A personalized license plate could be a creative gift for someone that loves their car. Such plates can vary in price depending on the combination and you’ll be limited to whichever plates haven’t already been taken, but you may still be able to find something affordable and apt. Try to get creative by replacing letters with numbers. It’s also possible to personalize your very own license plate for non-road use at sites like Show Plates Direct – this could be an ornamental license plate for a petrolhead to hang up on a wall in their garage. Such gifts are cheaper and you’ll have a lot more freedom as to the combination.

Unique Ideas For Personalised Gifts

Build your own food hamper

For keen foodies, you could consider building your own hamper full of different foods. These could be foods that you know the recipient loves or they could be weird and wonderful foods for someone that is more daring. Contents include chocolates, wines, coffee blends, spreads, and sauces. Of course, you could always just opt for a more general gift hamper – this could contain everything from DVDs to bath bombs.

Personalize a phone case

Another great idea for a personalized gift could be a personalized phone case. There are sites that allow you to design your own phone case using a photograph or a personalized message. Just make sure that you know which model their phone is so that you get the right size case. There are some companies that can create personalized engraved phone cases made of silver and embossed leather phone cases if you’re looking for something luxurious and stylish.

Design a football shirt

You could even consider designing your own football shirt. Most sports team merchandise companies have their own services that allow you to create a custom team shirt using the exact same fabric as the players. This shirt could contain a custom name and number on the back. If you know you and your friend support the same team, why not customize football wear for your team? It can be something they wear casually round the house or for a big game, either way you’ll be sure they’re getting a lot of value from it.

Unique Ideas For Personalised Gifts

Create custom playing cards

If you know someone that loves their card games, another unique idea for a personalized gift could be a personalized deck of cards. These are available from sites like Snap A Jack and you may have the option to have one side personalized or both sides depending on how unique you want to make your deck. There are also personalized card companies out there that can create custom tarot cards and other types of cards.

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Unique Ideas For Personalised Gifts

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