Timber Flooring And 5 Reasons Why It Is Trending

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The elegance, warmth and practicality of timber flooring make wooden floors the core of studies, bedrooms, dining room and living rooms. The mixture of functionality and aesthetics makes timber floors highly attractive and preferable when compared to other flooring options like tile or vinyl. It is hard to beat the beauty of timber floors- they add a layer of character and luxury to your property. Each plank of timber flooring has its unique pattern of grains and knots, thus making it versatile and ideal for every decor and style. 

Besides providing a classic, rustic and sophisticated feel, there are a number of justified reasons to why timber flooring is trending.

Timber Flooring And 5 Reasons Why It Is Trending
Highly Durable– Timber floors are durable, tough and thus long-lasting than other flooring products. They are resistant to frost, heat, whereas and pollution. Unlike carpeted floors that catch dust and have a short life span, timber flooring offers easy ways to maintain floors. A solid timber floor can last up to 100 years, unlike carpeted floors that have to be changed frequently.

Convenience – Timber floors are suitable for those who suffer from allergies because they are easy to clean and maintain. Timber floors provide an atmosphere free of allergens. Timber flooring provides the option to be installed in volatile environments. It can also be easily installed by homeowners going by a strict budget. Thus, timber flooring allows homeowners to save a significant amount in spite of delivering a beautiful result. 

Versatile– With timber flooring, you can make your room appear entirely new. You can choose from various species, textures, and grades of timber. You can use timber for not only floors but also for cupboards, walls, and ceilings to render a modern, sleek touch to your house. It is versatile because you can customize it into contemporary and traditional home decor. Available in a wide range of rustic, chic, industrial and modern designs and colors, timber flooring gives your house a timeless and coherent style. 

Sustainable – Timber is the eco-friendliest option to opt for since it’s 100% renewable. Timber has to ability to store carbon for life. Thus, every cubic meter of wood used by replacing other flooring products can reduce approximately 1.1 tons of CO2 emissions. By absorbing co2 emissions, forest and wood pay a key role in controlling climate change. By sequestering co2 and reducing its presence in the atmosphere, timber thus reduces the damage caused by global warming.  Also, timber has a low energy requirement for its production. Again, wood being 4 times lighter than concrete requires less energ6 to be transported. Hence, timber flooring is good for the earth. 

Timber Flooring And 5 Reasons Why It Is Trending

Maintenance- When it comes to maintenance, timber flooring is a better choice. Cleaning timber is an easy task. You need to sweep it with an antistatic mop every week to keep it free from dust and damp mop using water. Sweep, vacuum clean and wash the surface regularly. Use a wood cleaner to clean dirt and food or oil spills.  To extend it’s the lifespan of the surface coating, avoid steam mop and wet mops. Use felt pads on feet of furniture and carpets to prevent deep scratches on the surface. Recoat the surface after 10 years.  

Timber flooring complements any interior decor. It even looks better with age! It’s advisable not to use timber for bathrooms and kitchens, however, because of more chances of moisture accumulation which can cause damage to the surface.  Timber floors are definitely worth your investment and money. They make your property more valuable and withstand the test of time.

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Timber Flooring And 5 Reasons Why It Is Trending


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