Pandemic Habits That Likely Won’t Go Away for Our Businesses and Stores

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The COVID-19 pandemic completely transformed the way we operate our businesses. Whether you operate a gym, a supermarket, or even a legal office, people have become much more aware of the dangers of poor hygiene. In response to this, we’ve all established new practices that can keep not only ourselves safe, but also our staff and customers. While parts of the country are starting to return to some sense of normalcy, there are many different practices that won’t be going away anytime soon–and perhaps that’s for the better.

So in this post, we’re going to list a few pandemic habits that are likely going to stay around for some time, and also explain why some of them are probably better off staying like that.

We’ll continue to take cleaning more seriously

While some businesses only did the bare minimum to meet reopening standards, many other businesses have taken it upon themselves to be extra cautious with keeping their store or business clean. For example, gyms are providing more disinfecting wipes for their customers to use and stores are buying cleaning products in bulk knowing that they’ll have to give the store a proper clean every day.

Not only does this keep you, your staff, and your customers safe, but it also gives peace of mind to everyone in your store. It shows that you care about offering great service and it ensures that people will come back to your store in the future because they know that you have their safety in mind. This is one of the habits that we hope doesn’t go away. In fact, it’s strange to think how many businesses didn’t take cleaning seriously before the pandemic started; it really should’ve been an important responsibility in the past.

In addition, it’s likely that we’ll still see people wearing masks for many more months. Many people have found it more comforting to wear masks to protect themselves from germs and allergies, and it’s a habit that parts of Asia have already gotten used to.

Online purchases will continue to boom

Many stores realised that they wouldn’t be able to survive unless they took their store or services onto the internet. High-end restaurants were suddenly doing takeout food, old bookstores listed their products online, and many stores pivoted their business model to support digital payments and deliveries.

Deciding to take your business online is a crucial decision that could shape the future of your business. It potentially opens up your services and products to the entire world, assuming that it’s practical to deliver them to your customers. For example, offering local construction services is only really possible to nearby clients, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a technological upgrade. You could introduce an online booking or consultation system, and you can pivot by adding more content to your website to get it noticed.

Pivoting businesses to drive online sales is a great way to expand your business and open up new opportunities. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely forget about your current business model. It’s not easy to start taking online orders and does require a bit of extra work to get the entire system up and running.

What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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6 thoughts on “Pandemic Habits That Likely Won’t Go Away for Our Businesses and Stores

  1. Love this post 😉 I agree… I will continue being a bit of a stickler with hand cleaning…. and I hate to admit that I was not obsessive about it prior to the pandemic but my husband… has always been a germ freak so it is what he has always done and will do. I do think shopping online will be more of the norm too which is a bit sad as shopping in store is a fun time when I get together with the girls to go shopping.

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