Long-Distancing Moving Mistakes That Your Kids Hope You Don’t Make

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Moving house is always a stress-filled experience, but when you add kids to that equation, those stress levels are almost guaranteed to reach boiling point. Throw in a little long-distance for good measure, and there’s no way that you can avoid adding untold tension to the mix. However, stress avoidance is no reason to put off a move like this if you’re certain that it’s the best thing for your family. That driving force obviously doesn’t mean that this will all be plain sailing, but you can at least negate the worries that a move like this typically entails by avoiding the following mistakes leading up to, and on, moving day. 

Not taking the time to visit

From seeing their potential new bedroom to exploring a brand new town, seeing a glimpse of their new life firsthand is guaranteed to help your children visualize, and hopefully look forward to, the change. That’s why, far from suddenly moving to an area and home that they’ve never set eyes on, it’s always worth taking them along for a visit, preferably when you’re viewing properties. Even if not, a staycation in your new location a few weeks before the move provides a fantastic opportunity to explore local haunts, visit potential high schools, and generally start getting them settled in advance of everything changing. 

Failing to unpack the essentials

With long-distance moves, especially, the temptation to eat takeout and sleep on camp beds is strong, but as fun as this can be, it can have an overall negative impact. Even if your kids enjoy this campout style of living at the time, its impermanence means that they may find it harder to truly settle. Hence why, even if you’re traveling for a long time to get there, you should aim to unpack kitchen essentials and bedroom gear on the same day or at least first thing in the morning. Seeking an interstate moving company that also offers unpacking services could be the best way to achieve this, or you could simply make sure to keep these essentials in your car so that you know precisely where they are. Either way, getting the beds made is guaranteed to help your kids feel more at home.

Excluding your kids from the experience

Note, too, that while it’s tempting to just take over and get everything packed/sorted alone to save yourself time, excluding your kids from the moving prep and experience can make it feel like more of a leap for them. By instead letting them pack their own rooms, and as mentioned taking them along to viewings, meetings, etc. (if you can trust them to behave!) can help them to process the move as it progresses meaning that, hopefully, they’ll be a lot more used to the idea come moving day.

Moving with kids can be a significant challenge, especially if a long-distance relocation means leaving things behind, but it is possible to help your children to love their new life, and avoiding these mistakes is guaranteed to play a huge part. 

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9 thoughts on “Long-Distancing Moving Mistakes That Your Kids Hope You Don’t Make

  1. We have only every had one long-distance move and it was much easier than all of our other moves…surprising. Probably because we hired professional movers on both ends.

  2. Moving is one stressful event and the family members need to be involved in the whole process.

  3. These are such important things to know about if you’re doing long distance moving. You definitely have to apply this.

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