Why Getting Your Workstation Right Can Be a Big Deal

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Whether you are an entrepreneur running a home-based start-up business, or are just one of the many individuals around the world who has been working remotely for some time now as a result of the global pandemic, the way that you choose to structure and manage your professional workstation can have very significant effects in a range of different ways.

In the context of many ambitious start-ups that aim for a high degree of team rapport and a good working dynamic, shared workspaces for startups are often treated as a very significant and worthwhile investment in the overall future and development of the business.

Even if you are working alone, however, there turns out to be a world of difference between trying to get a project done from your sofa, using a laptop, and having a well-organised professional workstation or home office area to work from.

Here are some reasons why getting your workstation right can be a big deal.

Because the atmosphere you are trying to work in will have a major impact on your psychology and motivation

First things first: the atmosphere and environment that you are trying to work in will always have a major impact on your overall psychology and your sense of motivation, even if only on a deep level that you can’t necessarily pinpoint, yourself.

For example, well illuminated buildings tend to make people happier and more energetic, whereas poorly illuminated ones tend to make people feel more lethargic and despondent. And by the same token, wearing a professional outfit and sitting at a tidy and well-organised workstation will naturally tend to have the effect of putting you in a heightened state of focus, and making you feel more confident about your ability to perform to a high standard, professionally.

This fact, first and foremost, is one reason why you should not only set up a dedicated workstation in your home, but should also strive to keep it as motivational as possible in character and design.

Reduce clutter, consider props and posters that help to enhance your sense of professionalism and focus, and you’re likely to find that you feel significantly more driven on an everyday basis.

Because better organized workstations allow for greater clarity of focus

These days, distraction is a major issue that affects virtually everyone on a regular basis, and can be especially prevalent and detrimental if you’re working from home.

If you have a project to get done, or want to build your own start-up business and make it dynamic and successful, it’s very important for you to be able to maintain clarity of focus, and to not get sidetracked by things like social media, household chores, TV, or any number of other things.

Setting up an organised workstation can have a powerful ability to enhance your clarity and focus, and to reduce potential distractions in a number of different ways – and this is especially true for workstations that emphasise a more simplistic and “clean” layout than those which are over-cluttered.

When you have less clutter in your immediate environment, and when your workstation helps to keep the work itself forefront in your awareness, it will typically be easier for you to avoid falling into a cycle of distraction and procrastination.

Of course, certain apps and services such as Cold Turkey web blocker might also be helpful when it comes to managing distractions.

Because the tools you rely on can often be exceptionally important

Your workstation doesn’t just include your desk, it also includes things like your computer’s desktop, and the programs and apps you use.

By ensuring that your workstation – both physical and digital – are well arranged and include high-quality tools and services, you can go a long way towards keeping yourself efficient and competitive within your business and industry.

Because your professional accountability may be significantly higher if you maintain a professional working environment

A major problem faced by many people when working from home – and especially entrepreneurs who are their own boss, and who set their own routines and schedules – is maintaining a high degree of professional accountability.

Maintaining accountability in a professional context has a lot to do with feeling significantly invested in your work, being reminded of what you need to do, and feeling a significant amount of drive – whether internal or external – to stay on top of things.

If you maintain a professional working environment, there’s a good likelihood that you will find it significantly easier to maintain a sense of professional accountability.

What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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  1. I work so much better when my craftroom is clean and organized. And I definitely lack motivation when it’s not! These are so really good points

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