Investments In Your Home That’ll Make You Save Money In The Future

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Whenever we talk about investments, everyone thinks about stocks, shares, and all that jazz. Really, an investment is any instance where you spend money and see something positive in return. With that in mind, today’s post will look at some investments in your home. Here, we’re talking about ways you can spend your money around the house to see financial benefits in the future. All of these investments will help you save money, and they’ve been proven to do so!

A New Roof

Investing in a new roof installation and replacement is a fine way to save money for years in the future. How? It all comes down to your energy bills. Yours might be sky high because you need your heating on for long hours, or it has to be at a high temperature for you to feel comfortable. Why is this the case? Primarily, it’s caused by heat leaving your home. Heat travels upwards, meaning a large percentage of it is lost through your roof. An old roof can leak heat like crazy, so a new one will trap it in. Your home stays warmer for longer, reducing the need to have your heating at a high temperature, or on for hours. In conclusion, consider getting a Milwaukee Residential Roof Replacement project for your house in order to save money on your energy bills from here on out.

Energy Star appliances

Look at the appliances in your home and invest in better versions of them. Specifically, your washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, and refrigerator need to be improved. Yes, buying new appliances can be a sizable investment, but only changing one of these can make a dramatic difference. If you are going to choose one, opt for the refrigerator. Energy Star appliances are the ones to pick, as they have been certified as energy efficient by the government. To qualify for this certification, the appliance needs to be at least 9% more efficient than models that meet the federal minimum energy efficiency standard. For context, an Energy Star-certified refrigerator can save you over $200 on your electricity bill!

Underfloor heating

Invest in underfloor heating to see massive savings in your home. Firstly, this is also beneficial as it means you get rid of all the ugly heaters on the walls. This offers more space and freedom in your home, which could let you move furniture around to better places. Not only that, but underfloor heating systems can be more energy efficient. If you have a water-based underfloor system, it can be 25% more efficient than radiators! This is a worthwhile investment as it translates to energy bill savings yet again. 

If you can find ways to knock down your energy bills, you will save big over a lifetime. Think about it, your energy bill is the main bill that you have to pay every month. It’s also one of the only bills that you have some form of control over. Things like your internet or TV bill are typically fixed packages, but you only pay for the energy you use. The three investments in this post will help you cut down on gas and electricity, helping you save loads of money. 

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Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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  1. We needed a new roof and want to do some remodel. I’m intrigued by this idea of under floor heating

  2. This has provided such great insight! It’s interesting that spending can save money in the long run.

  3. Where I lived in the US always had big snows, so my dad would go out and shovel the snow off the roof – and he often repaired and replaced the roof, which was such a massive undertaking but it meant our house didn’t have any damage!

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