Tackling Cybercrime in Your Small Start Up

Tackling Cybercrime in Your Small Start Up

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Whether your business has recently experienced a security issue or you simply want to take steps to improve and increase your business’ security, chances are, you’re considering tightening your company’s cybersecurity and business information protocols. Cybercrime poses one of the biggest threats to businesses during the technological age, so hopefully, some of the information below will help you to tackle cybercrime head-on!

Understanding Cyber Criminals

In order to avoid cybercrime, you really need to get into the mind of a cybercriminal. You need to understand their purpose and what they want to achieve in order to avoid becoming their next victim. A cybercriminal is someone who intends to cause harm through the internet. They may want to steal your data. They may want to trick you into providing personal details or bank details. They may try to scam you into making some sort of payment to them. They may want to hold your device, or files, hostage through malware and force you to pay a ransom to re-access your files.

Avoiding Cyber Attacks

Now you understand cybercriminals, it’s time to determine how to avoid their attacks and schemes. Here are some top tips that can guide you!

Hire a CIO

As Dorothy Wete notes, hiring a CIO (or “Chief Information Officer”) can ensure that there’s an accountable individual within your business who can tighten your cybersecurity. This individual will work hard to align your business’ technology with your business goals.

Tackling Cybercrime in Your Small Start Up

Set Up a VPN

The first step that any business needs to take when requesting employees, freelancers or any other staff engaging with your business to work from home is to set up a VPN. VPN stands for “virtual private network”. It is essentially something that extends your private network across a public network, enabling your staff to use and send data across shared or public networks as if their device were directly connected to your private network.  This is absolutely essential if you need workers to work from home.

Train Your Employees

One of the easiest ways for cybercriminals to access your professional information is human error. People all make mistakes and uninformed team members could provide criminals with an easy route to your data. This is why it is so important for your employees to be well-trained when it comes to cyber security. A common tactic used to dupe employees tends to be phishing emails. These are fraudulent emails that aim to obtain sensitive information by fooling the recipient. Nine times out of ten, the email will appear to be from a legitimate company. Alternatively, it may come from a seemingly legitimate individual. The email will usually ask for information or data. Training your staff to recognize these emails can save a lot of trouble!

It really is essential that you set your business up for success when it comes to cybersecurity. There are, of course, many further steps you can take that are niche to your business and its individual needs. But hopefully, some of the tips highlighted will guide you on your journey to running a secure and problem-free company!

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Tackling Cybercrime in Your Small Start Up

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4 thoughts on “Tackling Cybercrime in Your Small Start Up

  1. It is so important for businesses to not only understand hackers but also scammers! The internet is a very odd place.

  2. Very important info…this is something you really need to watch out for and protect yourself against. Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are excellent tips. I have a VPN on my home network, and it adds such a great extra layer of security. That’s important for me becuase I work from home. My network is both personal and business.

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