Creating The Perfect Baby Sleep Space

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160x600, pillow, Project Nursery Shop, largest children's design resourceOne of the biggest challenges in motherhood is the lack of sleep. Exhaustion is no joke, but from the third trimester onward, exhausted is exactly what you are. There are many books that you can read to tell you how to make your baby sleep through the night, but all the literature and all the articles in the world have no impact on the baby – they haven’t read them!

The one thing that you can do as a parent is create the perfect space for your baby to sleep. You may not be able to force a baby to sleep through the night, but you can make sure that the place they are sleeping is calm, comfortable and warm. The first place that you can start here is by looking at the current environment that you are providing. The physical and emotional environment that you create for your baby is going to impact their ability to settle down for the night. So, what should you be considering? There are many things and as a bonus, I would want to mention that you should be familiar with at least the mattresses and you can see the crib mattress types if you want to learn more. Again, we want what’s best for your babies.

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  • Declutter. If your child’s bedroom or nursery is a mess, you’re going to find it hard to get them to sleep. The sensory overload of too much clutter can be too much to switch off from, so keeping the room that your baby sleeps in tidy and clean is the best thing you can do.
  • Temperature. Your child’s bedroom should be around 65 degrees at night and your child should also be appropriately dressed. It’s not just about blankets, and you can shop Makaboo today for organic sleeping bags that are perfect for staying comfortable at night. Check out this guide for layering overnight so you know whether you are overdoing it or not doing enough.
  • Light. Sleeping in a room that has lights on is only going to encourage waking. A darkened room, dim with a nightlight or just dark can encourage deep sleeping. It will also help your baby to learn the difference between night and day much faster. Close blinds and leave a dim light on so that you can see during the night feeds. Don’t feel like you have to sleep with a light on; sleep is hard enough to come by for an adult!
  • Noise. Bedtime should be a time of hushed tones and whispered voices. The quieter your environment, the calmer and more relaxed it will be. Going to bed should be peaceful and babies relax better when there is less noise going on. Building in calm music like what you can find here is going to help to enhance that environment for you. Your baby needs to feel secure and happy going to bed and you can do that with the way you set up their environment.


Trying to set up an environment that evokes a feeling of peace and calm for a baby isn’t always easy, especially when you are tired, but if you can enhance the environment that you have, you are doing everyone a favor. Sleep doesn’t have to be a distant memory – go and chase those Z’s! How do you get your baby to sleep during the night? Isyou baby sleeping during the night? What are you biggest sleeping challenges for your baby? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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