Why Choose Concrete Floor Coating For Your Home Improvement

Why Choose Concrete Floor Coating For Your Home Improvement

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Moving to a new house or opening a store, the first thing that attracts everyone’s eyes is the flooring. Yes, flooring is the most important part of the surrounding that needs adequate attention. Floor coating does just that job and adds life to the floor. Whether it is your garage, basement, porch area or your carports; concrete floor coating adds in the perfect aesthetic look to the ground and it also strengthens the floor. It repairs and enhances the ground while protecting it and it definitely is a pocket-friendly solution to recreate your floor. The plain floor can not only look dull, but it might also damage after some time. The concrete floor coatings can be done with different types of products according to the preferences.

Why Choose Concrete Floor Coating For Your Home Improvement

Types Of Concrete Floor Coatings:  

Basically, there are multiple types of concrete floor coatings, one can choose according to their likes and dislikes and floor requirements.

  • Concrete Sealer: This type of floor coating is the most basic of all; it only coats the floor to protect the ground and does not add any extra look. It is to simply protect the floor from stains, spills, and damage.
  • Concrete Stain: Concrete floor coatings, stain not only protect the floor but go an extra mile to transform the look. Further, the acid stain is limited to a few color options whereas, the water-based stain allows various color choices and the clean is also easier compared to acid-based stain. It doesn’t chip or flakes off.
  • Concrete Overlay: This is further available in different types; the first one is the self-leveling overlay. It helps in leveling of the surface if there’s any damage or if the surface is irregular or bumpy. The sprayable overlay is another type of overlay which adds a nice texture to the floor and is also slip resistant and makes it easier to clean the surface. Polymer modified overlay is the method adopted to resurface the concrete floor coatings if it wore out or damaged, it can also be used as a decorative stamped concrete overlay and they are generally extremely thin which can be up to ½ or 1/6th of an inch.
  • Concrete Paint or Epoxy: This requires preparing the surface first for proper adhesion. It is long lasting, chemical resistant, and expensive than other coatings.  These are available in different colors and patterns and also as roll on and decorative chips for elegant and personalized look for basement or garage floors.

Why Choose Concrete Floor Coating For Your Home Improvement

Advantages of Concrete Floor Coating:

The concrete floor coatings besides adding texture and aesthetics to the floor offer other benefits which are not only pocket-friendly but environmentally friendly too.

  • It adds strength to the floor and does not flake off avoiding any further damage.
  • The better solution to an old concrete floor is definitely coating them which is also durable, long lasting and also a quick fix solution.
  • They’re safe and have anti-skid properties which provide grip and prevents from slipping.
  • They add additional brightness in the surrounding as they have a glossy finish on the surface.
  • This option of flooring is cost effective and affordable.
  • They are easy to maintain and clean, no special workforce or cleaning agent is required to clean these floors.
  • They are long lasting.

Opting for concrete floor coatings is a wiser and easier solution for old concrete floor or even the new ones to add an aesthetical look besides the other benefits. It not only saves you money but also your precious time by concrete floor coating rather than redoing the surface.

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Why Choose Concrete Floor Coating For Your Home Improvement

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