Good Careers For Those Who Don’t Want The 9-5 Life

Good Careers For Those Who Don't Want The 9-5 Life

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In today’s climate, there seems to be a lot of people who are now moving away from the typical 9-5 lifestyle because they want more flexibility in their lives, and whilst the trend for these people seems to be creating their own business, we also have to acknowledge the fact that not everyone wants to, and not everyone should start their own business.

The simple fact is, although starting a business seems like the dream, the economy still needs people who are employees – and luckily for the economy, there are plenty of people who still want to work for someone else, but they just don’t want to work 9-5 because it also has its limitations, so in this post, we’re going to share with you some of the top careers you can have that are, not only away from the 9-5, but that are enjoyable, rewarding and pay well.

Good Careers For Those Who Don't Want The 9-5 Life


If you’re able to write well and have ever thought of becoming a copywriter, then this is certainly not a job for those who are looking for a 9-5 career that is simple and easy. Copywriting, despite what many people believe, is actually a talent and skill that not everyone has, and so this job is not suited for everyone. It requires a lot of creativity and ability to really understand people – especially when it comes to sales copy. Most copywriters will work inside agencies or directly for companies, and whilst some will have more structured 9-5 hours, they’re often very flexible due to their creative nature and the fact that they work with clients around the world, so don’t be expecting a regular 9-5 environment if you’re brought on as a copywriter.

Good Careers For Those Who Don't Want The 9-5 Life

Personal Trainer:

If fitness is your thing and you want a fun job that’s anything but 9-5, then a personal training career could be just the thing for you. If you’re hired to work as a personal trainer, then you’re either going to work in a gym or some kind of specialist sports facility, so the hours won’t be 9-5 and will often vary.

Good Careers For Those Who Don't Want The 9-5 Life


If you’ve ever known anyone who’s a nurse, then you already know that nurses work probably the opposite of a 9-5. A career in nursing certainly isn’t for everyone, and often the un-sociable and long hours can be off-putting for many, but if you’re someone who sees these instead as flexible, then a career in nursing could definitely be for you. Of course, if you’re just starting this career from scratch, then you may want to look into an msn program online to gain the qualifications needed.

Good Careers For Those Who Don't Want The 9-5 Life


Whilst the stereotype of journalists working around the clock and surviving only on coffee may be somewhat exaggerated, it’s certainly not a career for those who want a 9-5 lifestyle, because it’s anything but. However, a career as a journalist is a very enjoyable one, and it’s definitely well paid, so if you’re interested in something that’s creative and interesting, then this could be the career for you.

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Good Careers For Those Who Don't Want The 9-5 Life

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