Be Aware: Protect Yourself from Common Moving Scams

Be Aware Protect Yourself from Common Moving Scams

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Millions of people move every other day, and they might move to the next block or another city or may even change the countries for various reasons. With so many moves going on, it is no surprise to see some of them go wrong and face horrific experiences. Shoddy practices are likely to occur every now and then if one is not careful. The key lies in being aware of the commons scams in the mover’s industry and how to pick the right firm for your needs.

Every year, there are thousands of cases where scam artists refuse to deliver the belongings until the owner pays them thousands of dollars.

Be Aware Protect Yourself from Common Moving Scams

Here Are Some Common Scams One Should Be Aware Of When Looking For Movers:

  • If the mover doesn’t insist on coming for inspection and still sound too good to be true, take it as a warning sign. An authentic company would want to take a look at your belongings so as to judge the bulk and weight for moving.
  • Even if the movers’ company comes home and just does quick scrutiny of your stuff without asking requisite questions, you should not give them a cold shoulder.
  • Do not give entrust your project to the company which asks for a down payment before moving. One generally pays by a credit card when everything is delivered safely.
  • Look for a mover’s company that has a stable address in the locality and has been there for years. Typically, the scammers keep changing their local address and information and are continually doing business under new names.

Hiring quality movers is a must, and you should know how to do so. Now that you are aware of the common scams that can take place.

Useful Tips That Can Help You Hire Only The Most Professional In The Industry:

  • A reputable moving company will come and make careful inspection of your stuff and will take inventory of all your belongings. They do so as to make a fairly accurate bulk and weight of your stuff.
  • A good mover will always ask lots of questions and make a thorough walk-through. So, if your mover asks plenty of detailed questions, it is a good sign, and you should be well prepared to answer all those questions.
  • Get referrals and references form your friends, colleagues, and family members to make a good decision. Based upon your decision and by working your common sense, the movers should be chosen. Do not sign any blank moving contract and be sure about the pick-up and delivery dates that should be listed on the contract. It is essential to get absolutely everything in writing and also read the contract carefully to ensure that all the belongings are listed.

Be Aware Protect Yourself from Common Moving Scams

  • Avoid asking your movers to do the packing as those inflated packing costs can raise your expenses phenomenally. There are very high prices for boxes and packing materials. Even if you want the services for boxes and packing, ensure that the movers are well experienced in doing so.
  • Ask about any hidden fees as you might have to pay extra if moving from a 6th-floor apartment. Thus, negotiate stairs and elevators or any narrow street that the movers may charge you extra for. Ask about any additional fees that may apply to your situation.
  • Pay always-on delivery and in credit and do not go with those movers who ask you to make a large deposit before moving. Pay only when you get all your stuff moved safely and carefully.
  • The moving company you pick should carry insurance and valuation protection. You should be aware of your rights and responsibilities as well as the different levels of liability of the movers.


There is no dearth of malevolence in this world, especially when it comes to con you. You are less likely to fall in the booby trap if you are a well-informed consumer.

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Be Aware: Protect Yourself from Common Moving Scams


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