5 Popular Types of Nose Piercings & Their Corresponding Jewelry

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A nose ring is probably one of the most well-known pieces of jewelry used by men and women alike. There are thousands of individuals rocking their looks with the use of a gold nose ring. There are style choices available to reflect best the exclusive fashion sense of individuals going for trendy nose piercings. Whether you are in the lookout of a dainty hoop, new stud, or cute charm, here are five popular varieties of nose piercings along with their corresponding jewelry.

A Nose Ring for the Nostril

Nostril piercing is by far the most common and traditional piercing. It is just one simple hole done on either side of a person’s nose. The nose ring potential for this form of piercing is quite wide. Since the location of this piercing is easily accessible, gold nose ring, screw, barbell, ball ring, L-shaped pins, and studs are pieces of jewelry that go well with it.


Gold Nose Ring Also Works for High Nostril Piercing

As is suggested by its name, this form of piercing is pretty much unique and is considered one good way of layering or combining nose piercings to create an incredible effect. Nevertheless, options in the category of corresponding jewelry for this form of piercing seem to be limited. This is all because of its location. This form of piercing is best suited to screws, L-shaped pins, and studs. Variations in a nose ring can also work for this kind of piercing. A hoop might not help an individual in bringing out a striking effect with the high nostril piercing.


Well, this is the superstar of nose piercings at the moment. You can find this form of piercing throughout the fashion scene. It is a versatile piercing that can easily be flipped out of sight and can also be gauged. Nevertheless, it is not easy to achieve this style. A lot of maneuvering is required to get the right location. Proper knowledge of the location of the beginning and end of septal cartilage is also required. Septums can easily be adorned with a captive bead nose ring or a circular barbell.



If you want to look cool and trendy, then the bridge piercing would be perfect for you. Also called surface piercing, this form does not puncture the bone or the cartilage. Of course, it is a bit difficult to carry the bridge piercing appearance. You need to be smart enough with your outfit choice to look cool while adorning this style. Circular and curved barbells go very well with bridge piercings. A gold nose ring would not suit this style.


This is an outward and intense piercing that offers an individual a unique appearance. This is a tri-nasal piercing that infiltrates very low on both the nostrils and the septum. It is done at one go using a needle. Straight barbells are perfect pieces of jewelry for this kind of piercing. Going for a gold nose ring would not be a smart choice, especially if you want to don a casual appearance.

That being said, you now understand the realm of nose piercings and their corresponding jewelry. Hopefully so!

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