Why Is It Necessary to Work with A Taekwondo Kit While Practicing Martial Arts?

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Martial arts are the practices carried out for self-defense and military purposes. Many of us think that by practicing martial arts we risk ourselves of injuries. But if you are using the Taekwondo kit while practicing martial arts, then the risk of getting injured minimizes. 

Why Is Martial Art Practiced?

In Japan, practices like Taekwondo are carried out to obtain inner peace. People, there, use this art to show their devotion. Any one of us can become a victim of unexpected violence. So, one must know the techniques to defend himself. These techniques are officially known as martial arts. 

You must learn fighting skills, not to harm anyone, but to save yourself when needed. Martial arts give you the confidence to defend yourself and to also increase your self-esteem and awareness. You become ready to face the difficulties of life. Martial arts give you stamina and toughness. It gives you focus and helps you make a way through life. Overall it teaches you discipline.


Taekwondo: A brief

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art developed during the 1940s and 1950s. It, basically, focuses on head-high kicks and, jumping and spinning kicks. It made its entry into the Olympics in the 1988 Seoul Games. 

People practicing Taekwondo, wear white uniforms generally, with a black belt tied around their waist. The black belt is for the senior section of the practitioners. The junior ones are at a smaller rank and wear colored belts ranging from white to red. 

A proper Taekwondo kit is used by practitioners to avoid injuries. Furthermore, to get promoted from one rank to another, students must undergo promotion tests in which they exhibit their expertise in front of their teachers. A practitioner with a black belt is referred to as a master or instructor. Karate is a similar practice, originated in Japan. It, however, focuses on hand techniques.

Safety is of Utmost Importance  

However, if a person is practicing such martial art, he should do it with full safety. During practicing martial arts, one can go through serious injuries like sprains, strains, bone displacements, and fractures. There can be injuries to ligaments, muscles, or tendons. Punches and kicks can lead to serious injury to the teeth. It prevents fractures and jaw displacements.

Hence, a proper Taekwondo kit should be used while practicing these arts. People practicing Taekwondo wear a uniform known as Dobok. There is a certain apparatus used while practicing martial arts. This includes practice weapons, specialized equipment like breaking boards, dummy partners to practice their stunts on and punching bags. 

Why Is It Necessary to Work with A Taekwondo Kit While Practicing Martial Arts_ (1)

What Does A Taekwondo Kit Consist Of?

A Taekwondo kit consists of:

  • Helmet: Kicking can also cause serious damage to one’s face, and hence, a helmet is used by a practitioner.
  • Gloves: There is a lot of punching involved in a martial art, so, to protect the knuckles and fist from injury, a person must wear gloves while practicing.
  • Footpads: Footpads are used to preventing injury to your feet while kicking. It also prevents the opponent from a serious injury that can occur by your kicks.
  • Mouth Guard: The mouth guard prevents injury near the dental and mouth area. It is also used to prevent the injury which can occur by a hit to the jaw. It helps to prevent the sharp surfaces of teeth from digging into the teeth while practicing and protects the soft tissues.
  • Arm pads: Armguards or arm guards are used to prevent damage from blocking kicks.  
  • Shin pads: Shin guard is used to preventing injury which can happen due to constantly hitting with legs.  

When one practices a martial art, he must wear full equipment for decreasing the risk of injury. These are the apparatus in a Taekwondo kit that must always be used to ensure safety while practicing martial arts. Practicing martial arts leaves a positive impact on our body, psychologically and physically. These are practiced boosting stamina and strength. Martial Arts are also linked with spirituality.

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Why Is It Necessary to Work with A Taekwondo Kit While Practicing Martial Arts_

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