5 Ways To Make Movie Nights In More Magical

5 Ways To Make Movie Nights In More Magical

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There’s something magical about gathering together as a family to watch a movie. Movies have the power to transport us to new places and immerse us in the fantastical. They are a wonderful shared experience that helps to bring families together. While we all need to be wary of the dangers of becoming a family of couch potatoes, movie nights are a terrific part of a “balanced diet” of activities for active families. But what makes a family movie night different from gathering in the living room to watch a little TV? It’s the sense of occasion that you bring to proceedings, and the attempts you make to ensure that the home movie experience is as exciting and magical as a trip to the movie theatre (except without the extortionate ticket and concession prices and the noisy group of teenagers on the back seats).

Here are some ways in which you can make your movie nights more magical…


Use a projector if possible

The big screen is a big part of what makes the theatrical experience magical, and even though you’re proud of your new big-screen OLED TV, a projector can help make your experience even more theatrical. The good news is that there are a lot of affordable projectors on the market today that offers great picture quality at a reasonable price.

5 Ways To Make Movie Nights In More Magical

Invest in home theater sound

An engrossing movie experience isn’t just about the picture. It’s about the immersive surround sound that makes you and your family feel like you’re right where the action is. While true audiophiles will want to invest in a good quality amp, subwoofer and satellite speakers there are lots of cheaper “in the box” home theater systems that include a blu ray player (which will usually allow you to stream the likes of Netflix and Amazon too), subwoofer and front/surround speakers. 

5 Ways To Make Movie Nights In More Magical

Print tickets and invite friends or neighbors

A little imagination and theatrics can help to make movie nights more magical for your kids. Print tickets and encourage them to hand them out to their friends and neighbors. It’s a neat little touch that can help to add to the magic. Your movie nights will soon become the stuff of legend in your kids’ school.


Make your own popcorn

A movie without a treat is like a day without sunshine! But when it comes to the smell and taste of movie theater popcorn nothing you buy in a packet or heat up in the microwave comes close. Learn how to make popcorn on the stove and you’ll get a much more satisfying taste experience, a richer aroma, and none of the hidden calories and artificial colors and preservatives that come with store-bought popcorn. 

5 Ways To Make Movie Nights In More Magical

Declare zero tolerance on smartphones

When watching movies at home, it’s easy for the attention to wander and detract from the viewing experience. For the true movie theater feel, declare zero-tolerance on smartphones (that goes for parents as well as kids) so everyone can focus on the experience of togetherness that makes movie nights so special.

5 Ways To Make Movie Nights In More Magical

What are your thoughts?  Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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5 Ways To Make Movie Nights In More Magical

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