Don’t Let These Myths About E-Commerce Hold You Back

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Launching an e-commerce site is a great way to run your own business. It’s something you can do from home and provides a lot of potentials to earn a great income and develop a profitable venture.

But while starting an e-commerce business sounds great, there are many people who are put off starting one because they’re unaware of what it takes and what they need to get started. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to launch your own e-commerce business, so why wait any longer?

Don’t let the following myths about e-commerce hold you back from getting started.

Myth: You need to know a lot about building websites

Years ago, this might have been true, but the reality of building a website today is very different. There are some fantastic platforms like commercetools that exist to help you create a functioning, attractive and professional-looking e-commerce platform. These make it easy to run your online business, letting you focus on sales and providing great customer experiences. Speaking of which, find out more about improving your e-commerce site sales at to see just how easy it could be. 

Myth: Nobody will want to buy your products

When it comes to starting an e-commerce website, you need to do you research around the types of products you want to sell. Market research will help you gauge what kind of appetite there is, while you can also explore the types of products that are popular at the moment. If you have a great idea and you’ve spotted a gap in the market, you could have the foundations for a successful e-commerce site.

Myth: You don’t have enough time

An online store can seem like it takes a lot of time, but the truth is that some store owners only have to spend a couple of hours each day working on their site. If you have an external fulfillment center taking care of your orders, you can put your time and focus into running the business, sourcing new products and working on your marketing strategy. Many people begin an e-commerce business in addition to their full-time work, a side-hustle that could soon end up profitable.

But there are alternatives to hosting your own e-commerce store if you think it’s too much for you. You could sell through Amazon, eBay, or Etsy, or even focus on affiliate marketing instead. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from a blog or your other online platforms and can be less pressure if you don’t want to deal with shipments, customer service, etc. 

While it can feel as though there are many reasons not to start an online business, there are also plenty of reasons why you should. It could be the start of something fresh and exciting for you and could become very profitable if you can make your e-commerce site a success. Read all you can about launching an e-commerce business and don’t let the myths stop you from pursuing your ambitions.

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  1. This is such a great post with so much insight! I think a lot of people have realised that creating a side business whilst in lockdown can be very profitable but are still worried about these myths

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