The Weekend (Part 2)

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Weekend Part 2.jpgDid I leave you with a cliffhanger? I’m sorry about that (*nervous laugh*). Well, at least I have the 2nd part right here for you! So anyway, enough of this little intro thing I guess. Let’s move on.

The Weekend 

“Oh, be quiet!” I hollered while rolling my eyes. I kinda figured she was joking because of all those little pranks she comes up with. “No, I’m serious!” she screamed back at me. Then there was a moment of silence followed by fast approaching footsteps coming down the stairs.  I look to see her standing there out of breath as a few drops of tears fell down her eyes. “Come and watch Stranger Things with me you big baby,” I said, although it was not what I wanted to do. I wanted to sit and watch it alone in peace, without her asking every question in the book.

I walk back to the couch just getting ready to press play when I hear another muffled thump but, this time coming from my mom’s room. I looked back at my sister, then at the stairs. I whisper “Shhh,” as I tried to listen for another sound, but nothing.  I grab the remote and sit on the couch and my sister joined me.  She sits super-close to me. I  didn’t know where I stopped and she began.


Just as I was about to press play more noises came from upstairs. I look at my sister with a sigh of confusion as she runs to the front door making a signal as in, “Should we go?” I look at her then look back at the stairs and whisper, “Stay there till I get the house phone,” I say as I get up from the couch. In a very loud whisper, I say, “Wait! But what if I get like, umm…snatched o-or something by the monsters!?” I roll my eyes then run to the house phone.

I run to my sister and pull her in the coat closet as I dialed my mom’s number into the phone. It seems like the phone rings a million times, then she picks up, but this time she only got to say “Hey hun-” then the phone went to the sharp “BEEPBEEPBEEP” noise. I quickly end the call to stop the noise as the thumps come down the stairs.  My sister screams and I muffled her scream with my hands and the thumps approached the coat closet door. We both begin to shake as we see a shadow coming from under the door.

ToBe Continued……..

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Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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