I Love You

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I really have to say I love you before anything else. What more can I say? I mean, that really says it all but let me try unpacking where that comes from. When I was a teenager, I felt that I would end up meeting this godly, virtuous, beautiful, intelligent, poetic, classy, and funny girl. She would be strong with a little attitude, have an affinity for hip-hop and R&B, and most of all, love God. I was young but my thoughts were old. I wasn’t rushing the day to come but I felt in my soul that it eventually would. One day it actually did and I knew it that very same day.

I remember when I first heard about you, this stranger whom I had never met nor heard of previously, at least I thought. I wasn’t in dating mode nor was I even looking for a relationship at the time. I was just in conversation with one of my sales prospects who had questions about online marketing. After we had concluded our meeting, there was the typical chit-chat about what the rest of the day would bring for us both. Of course, I would be on the hunt to close more sells but my (now new) client mentioned an interview with a prospective employee. Me being my talkative-self, I asked about this interviewee out of pure curiosity but what I heard really interested me.
Not only did she say you were a good prospect who recently moved into town, but that you graduated at the top 3 of your class, and she did mention that you had just graduated with a degree in business which led me to believe you were a very smart one. She said you seemed to have a bubbly spirit and a positive outlook. There were other things she told me that escape me right now but all that was enough to make me believe that “you might be HER!” At that point, I was trying to figure out how to meet you, this seemingly sophisticated lady who was a newbie in town. Good thing I ask a lot of questions because I wouldn’t know you if I didn’t.
My earlier question combined with my desire to meet this stranger gave me the right thoughts to formulate a workable plan. I decided to apply for the job too just so I could meet her you. I was given an interview time and made it my business to find out when you were coming to yours. You had no idea that someone was excited to meet you. I was already dressed to impress any new acquaintances the day may have brought, but I really wanted to impress you.
To my surprise and answered prayers, it was YOU, the beautiful woman who stool my heart years ago.  I’ve never told you this, but I was actually nervous and thought about you not being interested, and me experiencing utter embarrassment. I didn’t care about being embarrassed as much as I cared about seeing you, this intriguing woman who was behind all those wonderful sentiments spoken. So I remember seeing you walk into that office – I said to myself, “Look at that walk!” That was a walk I was all too familiar with. It had caught my attention years ago. Eagar to cement or introduction, I opened the door for you.  You said “Thank you”, however, I was crushed you didn’t recognize me. I was still a man with a mission. Although I slightly embarrassed, it didn’t stop what know to my faith, YOU WERE MADE FOR ME. A recipe by God so perfect and true.  As you walked into the owner’s office and I said to myself, “Oh My God! She is even more beautiful than I remember.  I’m going to marry her! That’s my wife.”
Well, you were all of those wonderful things I was told and I found you to be even more. I found you to be a great listener who listened with her heart and soul –  not just her ears. I found you to be a very caring person who saw the best in situations and people. I found that we had little things in common like Chicago, having a special love our grandparents, to long cruises around or out of town, to the many foods we like, to both being health-conscious, to liking to go out to the same type of places and disliking the same kinds of places, to writing, to our joy of learning and teaching, to our being content to sit together in silence and be good with that. You are my soul-mate and my best friend, design my God, just for me.
There are many other intricacies that I can’t recall right now but it only takes three words…I love you. The thing I love so much more about you and me than anything else is your love.  Your love makes my love bigger. To feel the love that my grandmother (may she rest in heaven) gave to me, to experience the intellect that I enjoyed with my mother (may she rest in heaven), and to have the familiarity of a sister’s love all from one person. That is just so amazing. I still see you for who you were then, which is the same person that I met back then and I love you more today than I did then. I feel very fortunate to experience life under the influence of your love. 143.

As I read through the post of my wife blog, I am touched with deep emotions and I couldn’t go another day without asking for a guest post. I thought if my daughter was able to experience herself here, not once but twice so far. I should be given the opportunity to express how much I love this beautiful woman, who is raising our beautiful daughters to be just as unique as her. I hoped you enjoyed this open letter. Please share in the comments below. We really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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    1. Hugs to you Nina❤ Thank you for reading & sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate your support, comfort, and love. I read every single comment and it helps to shape LavandaMichelle.com into the best blog possible.❤ Lavanda Michelle North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger

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