Don’t Grow Your Blog Before You Do This

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Growing your blog. Letting it pay for your lifestyle while you can enjoy more time with your family and friends. This is precisely the dream of every blogger. Admittedly, when you write a blog, there’s a sense of excitement and satisfaction from being able to help someone by sharing your personal experience. But it is fair to say that most hobby bloggers consider creating a professional presence for their blog so that they can make money from it. The growth hack strategies to boost your audience and increase the volume of readers are varied, and ultimately, they are not the subject of our article here. No strategy will work if you haven’t prepared your blog and yourself for a growth process. Here are the essential elements you need to sort out before you can even design your professional blogging strategy. Are you ready to give your blog the boost it needs?

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A strong social media presence can grow your blog

Get yourself the training you need

It doesn’t matter what your specialist topics are, whether you’re happy discussing fashion, motherhood or career tips. A blog is above all and foremost a website that has to compete for attention against thousands of other websites in the same market. In other words, it’s a complex industry sector. You can’t just grow it overnight. You need to understand how a blog works and how you can best benefit from yours. For instance, you can use your writing skills to make money by producing ebooks that can be promoted on the blog. Or you could learn how to brand your blog to reach out a new audience. Indeed, each blog needs a targeted strategy to extend its reach. You need to understand what options are available – and more importantly what options are reasonable for your skills and work approach.

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Protect your privacy

Professional bloggers need to cultivate a professional presence. In short, you need to transform your blog into a business, starting by getting a unique logo if you haven’t already. Your logo will define your identity. When you decide that it is time to turn your hobby into a career, it can be a good idea to set up a business formation – turn your freelancing blog into an ltd, for instance – with a PO box service. Why do you need an additional mail service? Unless you have professional premises that you can use as your blogging center, it’s fair to assume that your blog essential from your home. Keeping your private address confidential is a priority!

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Improve your writing skills

How often do you blog? If you’re only an occasional blogger, you need to hone your skills and create killer content before you can attract a broader audience. An essential lesson as a blogger is to keep your writing unique – readers want to see your personality through your posts, so don’t write them like a college dissertation. Don’t be afraid to be yourself! Additionally, proofreading can go a long way when you’re trying to publish posts as often as possible. Poorly written content doesn’t work for your blog. Take the time to create intelligent, informative and correct posts. Finally, read as much as you can. Read whatever takes your fancy: From other blogs to novels, you can enhance your vocabulary all the time.

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Diversify your posting format

Depending on how long you’ve been blogging, you might find it dull to produce always the same kind of content. Don’t you think your readers are getting tired of always getting the same type of posts? Vary your posting format, either by changing the length of your blog articles or by experimenting with different materials. Creating an engaging video can bring you a completely different audience and give your blog a wind of renewal. Vlog, or video blogging, can be an interesting way of growing your audience base too.

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Get your social media game ready

How have you been using your social media presence so far? If you’ve been relying on a form of post automation each time you publish an article on the blog, it’s time to reconsider your social media efforts. Your social media presence needs to have a visible impact on your blog, aka it needs to drive new visitors or to allow visitors to engage and comment – perhaps even inspiring you for future articles. If you can’t rely on your social media to drive blog awareness or increase traffic, you’re missing out on a major growth opportunity. The first issue with social media is that you may not be using the right network for your audience group. Understanding how the leverage your presence is key to growing your blog.

From honing your writing skills to improving your social media presence, there is a lot to do before you can deploy a growth strategy. The foundations of a solid blog are key to transforming your hobby into a profitable business!  Have you considered turning your blog into a business? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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  1. All of these things are good to think about before starting your blog. I think the one thing I would have done more is work on my social media game and interacted first thereto build a following that would match the branding of my blog. That would have helped a lot.

    1. ❤ Thanks for reading & sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate your support, comfort, and love. I read every single comment and it helps to shape into the best blog possible.❤ Lavanda Michelle North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger

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