Four Fantastic Reasons To Add Images To Your Blog

Blogs are growing in popularity, with both business and private blogs taking over the internet and social media. When you spend time writing a blog, you want people to read it; that’s kind of the whole point! Driving traffic to your blog to get readers and eventually turn those readers into customers is the idea if you’re a business blogger, and if you have a personal blog, you want to get your thoughts and opinions out for the public to see.

It’s important for every writer out there to know that a blog is more than just words on a screen. Text alone would be boring, wouldn’t it? No one wants to go and visit a blog that doesn’t have the right pull, and while your words could be the most compelling prose, it doesn’t mean that they’ll be enough to capture followers. A good article is combined of many factors, including images, graphs and GIFs if the mood takes you. Images can speak volumes when it comes to adding one for your blog. It can break up the writing and make it easier for the readers to digest the information. The best writers out there understand the importance of an image when it comes to their work, with writers like Daniel Handler working with Maria Kalman, who provided illustrations for his works. Success in writing comes with understanding how to get inside the mind of the reader, and images can really help this. So, why should you start adding images to your blog posts?


Visual Appeal. It’s one thing to add an image to your blog posts, but it’s quite another to get it right. You couldn’t just chuck on an image of a dog for a post about business, unless the post was about office pets. Try to ensure that when you add images, they are relevant to the article itself.


Search Traffic. When you choose to add an image into your blog post, you are choosing to attract people via a search engine search. It’s important that you label your images correctly to make your posts more open when it comes to people searching.


Social Media. People who are reading your blog love visual content, especially people on Facebook and Instagram. When you have a relevant image that is attractive to a reader, they will then share your post, generating more clicks and more views. Make sure images are optimized for social media, too, so that the image shares correctly.


Impact. When you are reading a blog post and see an image that resonates, you’re more likely to remember that blog post and discuss it with the people around you in your life. Images can help people to see what it is that you are talking about and they will talk about the article, describing the image first.

You could be very surprised by the number of times that your blog gets shared once you include images in your work; give it a try and let us know what happens for you.

Do you add images to your blog? What are your thoughts about adding images to your blog? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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63 thoughts on “Four Fantastic Reasons To Add Images To Your Blog

  1. I always post images with my blog posts! But I am a photographer and I know that’s not as easy for some people 🙂 It’s definitely very important though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. important indeed ❤ Thank you for reading & sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate your support, comfort, and love. I read every single comment and it helps to shape into the best blog possible.❤ Lavanda Michelle North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger


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