How to Create A Profitable Blogging Business


3Do you own a blog (or want to create one) and would you like it to be your primary source of income? Do you love to share stories, tips, or recommendations? Would you like to profit from those efforts on a blog?

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Discover How Simple It Is To Create A Profitable Blogging Business!  I will teach you how to, not only generate traffic but also use that traffic on your site to monetize your blog!


Are you an Entrepreneur, Online Marketer, Business Owner, Marketing Director, Etc.?Are you interested in blogging and knowing The Secrets To Building A Long-Term Successful Blog?

  • create and monetize your blog?
  • make a living, or more, from blogging?
  • improve an existing blog?
  • build a blog as your home-based business?


Imagine having a career doing something you really enjoy. Most people only ever dream about earning a living from doing what they love. Many people are using blogging to realize their dream, so why not you?



  1. Develop the unique mindset of a profitable blogger
  2. Comply with the legal side of blogging
  3. Create an amazing blog
  4. Write captivating content that your readers will love
  5. Promote your blog using a variety of proven strategies
  6. Get your content in front of your target audience
  7. Grow an email list that will foster revenue and generate traffic
  8. Build a profitable online asset


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The main requirement for this course is a willingness to commit to the process and to put in the work. I can teach you the tools and techniques, but you have to bring your passion to make your blog a success.

Let’s Get You Started Today!


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I am Lavanda Michelle, owner of, an educational and lifestyle blog, dedicated to documenting all the things I love. Here is where I share my journey through life as mom and wife, while using my expertise to teach others how they can pursue and live their dreams. I enjoy sharing the things I do in my life and talking about how I turned this blog into a profitable business.

In 2001, I received my undergraduate degree in Training and Development and I’ve been training men and women like you ever since. For a little, over a decade I’ve gained an abundance of experience in building blogs & websites, and have developed an extensive online marketing career.

I started marketing online in 2007 when I left the corporate world and began using Facebook to leverage my event management business. I also spent time helping my husband run his marketing company.

Sometimes I get asked how I manage to do so much and get so much done. It’s merely a matter of organizing, prioritizing and being clear and focused. When I want something badly enough I’m motivated enough to find a way to make it happen!

I’m so happy that I am able to enjoy more time and freedom to spend with my family. I’m offering this course because of my desire to share my vast business and everyday knowledge of the world. I want to help YOU earn a living doing what you love while spending time with the people you love.

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Complete Guide to Make Money Blogging for only

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How to Create A Profitable Blogging Business (7)





28 thoughts on “How to Create A Profitable Blogging Business

  1. Blogging is a really good business if you are passionate about what you are doing. Your tips are very helpful and will check on options for me.

  2. When I started blogging I didn’t take a lot of things into consideration and I have spent countless hours fixing them. But now that I have some knowledge under my cap, theres so much more to learn and so many resources out there sharing their perspectives, its much appreciated.

  3. There is so much to blogging that was never even a blip on my radar when I first started. I’m slowly figuring things out but the finance and legal side are a bit daunting. Having a resource for new or burgeoning bloggers will be such a huge help!

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