5 Things You Should Keep In Mind About Natural Light in Your Child’s Bedroom

As you probably already know, natural light brings lots of benefits along with its warm glow. And while it is true that people are used to living indoors, there’s really no good reason to hide from this gift of nature. Instead, it’s advisable to embrace it as much as possible if we want to lead a happy, healthy life.

Therefore, whenever you can, try to let as much natural light in as possible, especially in your child’s bedroom. An abundance of natural light fosters a healthy growth, positive vibes and happiness, which are the things we all wish for our kids. So, let see how your child can benefit from having lots of natural light in their bedroom.


Light as a natural disinfectant

Do you remember when you were little, and your grandma would take the pillows and blankets out in the morning to air them out? That was because sunlight, especially combined with fresh air, works as a natural disinfectant. The UV rays destroy various germs and bacteria on a molecular level, making the environment exposed to natural light much healthier and safer.


Natural light as a focus enhancer

Natural daylight has been proven to have positive effects on people’s focus and concentration. This alone becomes a good enough reason to let as much light as possible in your child’s room. Not only will your child benefit from natural light health-wise, but it will also boost their focus making them more awake and ready to learn. It’s important to remember that kids start learning from the moment they are born, so creating an environment that fosters learning from the get-go is the best course of action.


Be careful when decorating the room

Since your child’s room will be the place where they will not only sleep, but also learn and play, you have to make sure you implement a design that will foster all of these activities equally. Therefore, place their bed in the part of the room that has the least amount of sunlight during the day – you don’t want the first sun rays to wake up your sleeping angel too early, and make sure that their bed is placed just in front of – or at least next to – the window. However, if you live somewhere particularly sunny, like Australia, you should also install window blinds from Melbourne that will allow your child to shield themselves from direct sunlight when the sun is at its peak.


Natural light boosts the immune system

Our bodies use the so-called T-cells to fight off various pathogens, and the Vitamin D that our bodies start producing when exposed to the natural light wakes up those cells. The T-cells are a type of white blood cells (and white blood cells are our natural fighter cells) but they are most commonly dormant, and only get activated when there’s something attacking our organism. Therefore, to naturally boost your child’s immune system, make sure that the environment they spend the majority of their time in is full of sunshine.


Natural light for the overall well-being

As already mentioned, the sunlight helps our bodies produce Vitamin D, but it also boosts the production of Serotonin, also known as the happy hormone. That’s why it’s believed that regular exposure to sunlight is great for preventing depression, SAD, and various other mental health disorders. However, as good as the sunlight is for our bodies, you still need to be careful when spending time outdoors because it can also cause some serious problems. Therefore, when planning on spending some time in nature, always use sunscreen and wear appropriate clothing.

So, when decorating your child’s room, keep these factors in mind to create the best possible environment for them. Also, remember that, as much as the sunlight has good effects on our bodies, it can also cause some serious problems, so try to avoid overexposure.

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Guest Post by Cooper Klein

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