3 Tips to Keep Your Visitors Once They Arrive

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I commend you for digging in to optimize your site for better Search Engine Optimization (Air hi-five!). So now that you’ve implemented those tips, it’s time to fine-tooth comb your site’s User Experience (UX). Getting them there is one thing, but keeping them there is the other thing. According to the Society of Digital Agencies, the most common weakness of a business’s website is an off-putting user experience. Statistically, 73% of the marketing agencies polled agree that UX is a maker or breaker. Keep these 3 tips in mind so you are keeping your visitors once they arrive.

3 Tips to Keep Your Visitors Once They Arrive


The average person’s attention span in 2017 went to only 8% versus 14% in 2000. When information is cluttered and paragraphs are big and clunky, it makes zeroing in on what would hold their interest difficult. Let your content breathe and don’t be afraid to leave white space.

3 Tips to Keep Your Visitors Once They Arrive


Use color-rich images that speak to your audience about the main point of your paragraphs. Strategically place your images within your text to excite the reader’s senses and help keep them there. Not that people don’t like to read but, 7 paragraphs of only text can be daunting to some, especially when the time is limited.

3 Tips to Keep Your Visitors Once They Arrive


Let’s just be honest. We’re informative. We’re helpful. We’re even entertaining. Our stories can be great! The bottom line is we’re selling. Make sure you’re strategically guiding your reader along a conversion-based sales journey. You want to have links to build the case for converting the reader into a buyer. There should be a certain momentum being built during an enjoyable ride designed with the end-goal in mind.

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Tips to Keep Your Visitors Once They Arrive (1)Tips to Keep Your Visitors Once They Arrive

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