Home Decor With Pet and Child Safety in Mind

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Having both children and pets means that things will never be boring in your household. They actually have a lot in common — they require constant attention, have seemingly endless energy, and despite all the chaos, make the hard work worth it.

However, it’s not all fun and games, and whether you’re a human or pet parent (or both), you have to make some changes to your home. It’s your responsibility to ensure their comfort and safety in the house; after all, it’s their home too. A few child- and pet-friendly updates to your living room and other areas of the house will ensure that everyone will stay safe and sane, whether relaxing or playing, at home.

Home Decor With Pet and Child Safety in Mind

Declutter and Organize

Wagging tails, reaching hands, uncertain steps, and enthusiastic jumps all spell out one thing for anything sitting on a table or low-level surface: disaster. Between your decor, personal items, pet’s supplies, and child’s toys and clothes, it doesn’t take long before every available surface is covered with things ready to be accidentally knocked down (and possibly broken) by an unsuspecting child or pet.

Try to declutter your life and get organized. Not only will it minimize the chance of someone unintentionally hurting themselves or damaging something, reducing the clutter in your home will allow your remaining decor to stand out. Free of any distracting messes, your decor will able to do what it was always meant to: add beauty and character to your home.

Home Decor With Pet and Child Safety in Mind

Pet-Friendly Plants

Plants are more than a great way to add life and color to your home — in fact, having indoor plants can be beneficial to your health. They freshen the air, can improve concentration and productivity, and may also help you feel more relaxed. Who doesn’t need more of that in their lives?

It’s important to be careful of which plants you bring into your home. There are many common houseplants that can be toxic to children, dogs, and cats, including lilies, devil’s ivy, and poinsettias. Some of these plants may even be lethal if ingested, which curious pets and children may do. Consider a safer, non-toxic plant or a synthetic version of your favorite plant. Either way, make sure they’re well out of reach!

Home Decor With Pet and Child Safety in Mind

LED Candles

Nothing says ambiance like a candle. The soft glow, the flickering flame, and the pleasant scent can completely change the atmosphere of a room. Whether you had a long day at work or cleaned the house from top to bottom, there are few things more calming than having a lit candle by your side as you relax.

Unfortunately, traditional burning candles can be dangerous, especially when children or pets are present. In addition to being a fire hazard, candles may also come in flammable or breakable containers or contribute to indoor air pollution. A safer alternative? Flameless LED candles. They closely resemble traditional candles and come in different sizes and styles. Best of all, if your child or pet accidentally knocks one over, there’s no risk of a fire starting or a glass candle holder shattering so you can enjoy the ambiance of a candle without worry.

Home Decor With Pet and Child Safety in Mind

There are many things you have to give up as a parent, but your home decor doesn’t have to be one of them. You may have to make some changes to ensure the safety of all members of your household, but it’s an opportunity to think outside the box and be creative. Embrace the challenge this may bring and use this chance to make a positive change in your family’s life.

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Home Decor With Pet and Child Safety in Mind

Home Decor With Pet and Child Safety in Mind

16 thoughts on “Home Decor With Pet and Child Safety in Mind

  1. We suggest adding safe cordless window blinds and shades to an add on of your blog. December 15, 2018 there is a new ANSI standard on all stock blinds. They have to be cordless. Custom blinds can still be made with cords.

  2. Great tips! We do not have pets at home but will share this to my friends. I’ve heard about the plants, it is important that we know if the plant we are getting are safe for the pet and kids.

  3. My siblings are all grown up now and so are my nieces and nephews so our house if pretty much okay but still we need to childproof rather pet-proof it because we have a loveable dog and cat. They mostly play together and not fight, so we make it a point they are far from any wires or electrical sockets of some sort. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

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