How To Start A Money Making Blog In 2019

How to start a money making blog in 2019

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Imagine how would your life change if you could earn an extra $1000 per month? How about an additional $2,000 per month? How about $5,000+ per month? How about an amazing $10,000+ per month?

What a life changer!

Imagine walking away from your 9-5 for the last time and living the life you deserve.

What if your dream could really be your reality? Blogging is a profitable business that can make all of the above happen if you do it right, and invest the time.

As you can imagine, to create such a significant change in life, it takes a substantial change of mind. In this course,

I’m sharing all of my secrets to help you build your profitable blogger’s mindset, and to monetize your blog because I want you to succeed too!

How To Start A Making Making Blog In 2019

Here Are the Highlights: Course Overview

  • A Profitable Blogger Mindset
  • Getting To Know You & Your Audience
  • Creating Content Your Audience Will Love
  • Creating An Amazing Blog
  • Blogging Legally as A Business
  • How to Make Money with Your Blog
  • Growing An Email List
  • Promoting Your Blog Until It’s Viral
  • Plus much much more!

I provide all of the necessary tools, complete with a 47-page workbook and monthly blog planner which is needed for your blog launch and to get you on your way to a profitable success.

How To Start A Making Making Blog In 2019

By the end of the course, you’ll know how to

  1. Develop the unique mindset of a profitable blogger
  2. Comply with the legal side of blogging
  3. Create an amazing blog
  4. Write captivating content that your readers will love
  5. Promote your blog using a variety of proven strategies
  6. Get your content in front of your target audience
  7. Grow an email list that will foster revenue and generate traffic
  8. Build a profitable online asset

If you are committed to becoming a successful blogger, this course can change your life and your net worth.

Whether you want to use blogging to earn a full-time income or as a side hustle, you can do this.

I believe in YOU, and I am here to help you succeed.

Sign up today! It’s time to live your dream.

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Your Instructor

My name is Lavanda Michelle and I’m a stay at home mom of 3 and co-parent of 1 four-legged furbaby. Blogging allows me the freedom and flexibility to be home to care for my children, while still earning money to enjoy my life.

From side hustles to blogging, I have been making a living online for over 10 years and learned a wealth of knowledge along the way. I help entrepreneurs build and grow their online businesses.

My primary goal with this course is to share what I have learned to help YOU achieve the same success I have or better through blogging.

A little progress each day adds up to big results. I am excited to help you through this new journey.

Below I’ve included a sneak peek of some of the course contents.

Get started now!

How To Start A Making Making Blog in 2019

Enjoy Life!

Maybe you’ve already tasted the freedom of working from home but you’re struggling to make money blogging. Or maybe you want to work from home as a business blogger, but you’re just not sure how to get started. Either way, I totally understand. In fact, I’ve been there.

Blogging has been one of those most unbelievable, “Thank You Lord” parts of my life. I can hardly believe I get to do something I love so much, earn money from home, and gain recognition.  But it isn’t always easy and the fast-changing nature of the blog industry means I can’t ever stop learning how to be a better blogger.

When it comes to running and growing your blog business, from my own experience, I can tell you there will be so many times in your journey when you have to overcome challenges like increasing your traffic and income in ways that match your brand and values. This Monthly Blog Planner helped me to stay consistent and on track.

For all of your big dreams, maybe you’ve felt frustrated, confused, or stuck at times trying to figure out how to grow your blog, get more traffic, overcome hurdles, find smart strategies, and earn more money.

Let go of all those negative feelings and learn to be successful!

Lavanda Michelle

Hello AGAIN!!!! I am Lavanda Michelle, owner of, an educational and lifestyle blog, dedicated to documenting all the things I love. Here is where I share my journey through life as mom and wife, while using my expertise to teach others how they can pursue and live their dreams. I enjoy sharing the things I do in my life and talking about how I turned this blog into a profitable business.

In 2001, I received my undergraduate degree in Training and Development and I’ve been training men and women like you ever since. For a little, over a decade I’ve gained an abundance of experience in building blogs & websites, and have developed an extensive online marketing career.

I started marketing online in 2007 when I left the corporate world and began using Facebook to leverage my event management business. I also spent time helping my husband run his marketing company.

Sometimes I get asked how I manage to do so much and get so much done. It’s merely a matter of organizing, prioritizing and being clear and focused. When I want something badly enough I’m motivated enough to find a way to make it happen!

I’m so happy that I am able to enjoy more time and freedom to spend with my family. I’m offering this course because of my desire to share my vast business and everyday knowledge with the world. I want to help YOU earn a living doing what you love while spending time with the people you love.


What are your thoughts?  Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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How To Start A Making Making Blog In 2019
How To Start A Making Making Blog In 2019
How To Start A Making Making Blog In 2019

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