How to Shed Years off Your Skin – Best Skin Treatments

How to Shed Years off Your Skin

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Dermatologists are the superheroes of skin care. With their expertise and advanced technology, they can do wonders for person’s skin and fight off signs of aging. These medical magicians can even do miracles in a short time like refine the shape of your nose and remove sun spots for good.

In a matter of minutes and hours, you will get a radiant complexion that will give you a younger and refreshed look. Therefore, skin treatments will shed years off your skin and help you feel good about yourself. If you would like to learn more about it, here are the best skin treatments that will change your skin and life.

How to Shed Years off Your Skin

Skin firming treatments

Droopy skin not only make you look older, but many find it aesthetically challenging. With radio frequency waves this problem can easily be fixed, although the process carries a burning sensation. The treatment delivers sound waves under the skin stimulating collagen production.

Since collagen is responsible for firmness of the skin, the loose areas like jowls, neck or face will firm up although within six months. If you can’t stand the pain, then laser may be a better choice for you since it uses radio frequency and infrared light to firm the skin. Doctors recommend three sessions with laser each being scheduled a month apart from the previous.

How to Shed Years off Your Skin


Rejuvenate the neck

Neck muscles tend to protrude as we age and enlarge. This creates the appearance of tight cords and also pulls your face downward. This is a normal occurrence since neck muscle is connected to the superficial face muscles.

However, even though normal, it can still add ages to your look and make you feel miserable. The solution is pretty simple and the problem is easy to fix. Doctors inject Botox in the neck to soften the wrinkles and eliminate the cords, which makes this a nonsurgical facelift.

How to Shed Years off Your Skin

Brightening with Cancer-Fighting Properties

Photodynamic rejuvenation is a treatment doctors use to remove sun damage from the skin of face, legs, and arms. It combines Intense Pulsed Light with aminolevulinic acid and thus destroys abnormal and precancerous cells. It takes only two to three sessions to transform moderately to the severely sun-damaged skin.

New research shows that the non-ablative fractional laser carries a potential as a remedy for precancerous cells. This laser is used to lighten the clusters of pigment and patients displayed a considerable reduction in precancerous cells after three to four treatments in six months. Additionally, skin tone and fine lines also improved during this treatment.

How to Shed Years off Your Skin

Painless removal of spider veins

Spider veins are the reason many women refuse to wear skirts and feel ashamed of their legs. However, with the latest procedures, the process of removing spider veins became painless and easy to tackle. Sclerotherapy used to be quite an uncomfortable procedure where doctors would inject saline into the veins.

Nowadays, doctors use detergent-like drugs which they inject with a tiny needle. The whole procedure is very quick and effective covering a lot of territories. Some bruising and redness may appear though, as well as a bit of swelling of the veins.

How to Shed Years off Your Skin

Anti-aging skin treatments

First of all, it is important to eliminate the factors that make your skin age and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Drinking plenty of water and respecting a regular beauty regime are some of the methods that will help you care for your skin properly. Another cause of premature aging of the skin is the sun, and if you live in areas with high-risk UV index like Australia, you need to wear protection.

But wrinkles and sunspots are nothing that a good dermatologist can’t deal with. Take advice from experts for plastic surgery in Canberra and opt for minimally invasive procedures with appreciable results. Derma fillers like hyaluronic acid will take years off your face without causing irritation or allergies since this is a natural substance produced by our bodies.

How to Shed Years off Your Skin

Ten-Minute Nose Job

As we age, the nose flattens and widens. However, if you are afraid of invasive procedures, turn to dermatologists to reshape your nose with a filler. The procedure is quick and not complicated with doctor injecting hyaluronic acid into the bony line straight down the center of your nose.

This will slim your nose and correct any imperfections it had, like bumps. For a more youthful appearance and better-defined profile, the doctor may suggest using a small amount of Botox under the tip of your nose. It will lift it up and in minutes you will look younger without your nose dragging your face down.

How to Shed Years off Your Skin


Skin treatments can make a lot of difference for aging and not all of them have to be invasive. With a good dermatologist and appropriate treatment, you can easily shed years off your skin. Just remember to live healthily and respect a regular beauty regime for the results to last longer.

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How to Shed Years off Your Skin

How to Shed Years off Your Skin

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  1. I don’t mind aging, it’s a part of life. However, I also appreciate that there are things I can do to slow the process and improve the look of my skin.

  2. It’s so interesting how simple fillers and botox can really help to prevent the look of aging. I am 30 and just started doing some botox in my forehead for small lines and for preventative reasons.

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