Innovative New Beauty Treatments

Innovative New Beauty Treatments

Thanks to the latest advancements in tech and medicine, the beauty industry is delivering a surge of up-and-coming treatments that could completely reshape our beauty approach in the upcoming years. You may have already heard of some of them, boasted by numerous celebrities, while others remain further from the spotlight, awaiting their five minutes of fame, which will undoubtedly come soon.

Whether you’re looking to improve your cleavage, the contours of your lips, or pearl up your pearly whites, you can rest assured that the beauty innovators out there have already come up with a list of methods you can use to achieve your beauty goals!

Non-invasive body sculpting

The traditional, very invasive liposuction is far from the only solution on the market when it comes to getting rid of those unwanted fat deposits on your hips and belly. In fact, with the help of localized cryolipolysis, you can get the same effects without the complex post-surgical treatments and downtime. The method uses cool temperatures to freeze fat cells so that your body can naturally flush them out.

However, this procedure is not a way around eating healthy or working out. It’s primarily used for people who only need mild contouring, not a heavy fat loss, and you should always make sure that your lifestyle is adapted in order not to reverse the effects in no time.

Innovative New Beauty Treatments

Lifting with threads

We’re all familiar with the use of chemicals and neurotoxins such as Botox in the chase after a more youthful appearance. Even more so, ladies from all over the world are starting these procedures earlier than ever, to prevent the early onset of fine lines and wrinkles. Well, no more! You can say goodbye to such invasive treatments and replace them with a somewhat unusual alternative that involves threads inserted into your skin. Don’t worry, it’s not nearly as uncomfortable as it sounds, on the contrary.

According to a New York dermatologist, these lifts are safer than ever, produce significantly fewer side-effects with little to no downtime, and they have rather impressive, long-lasting results that can be visible even up to two years.

Innovative New Beauty Treatments

Bringing our your smile

What are Aussie gals so deliciously famous for, in addition to their impeccable surf-carved bodies and their beach waves? Well, their crisp white smiles, of course! From using the famously invisible aligners to straighten a crooked smile, all the way to professional teeth whitening, ladies of Down Under don’t shy away from taking excellent care of their teeth with the help of the latest tech innovations.

You’ll often see beauty-loving Sydneysiders head to a trusted dentist in Bondi Junction to consult the local experts and make sure that their treatment of choice is suitable for their pearly whites, and that it will deliver the desired results. What’s more important, the rest of the world is following their lead and putting more effort into achieving a stainless, white smile in the most innovative of ways.

Innovative New Beauty Treatments

DNA to the rescue

In addition to threads, lasers, and Botox, the rejuvenation world seems to have found yet another way to shun wrinkles, perhaps even more efficiently. A Korean technology by the name of Rejuran has become one of the most sought-after skin treatments to replace Botox and other systems in a chase after eternal aesthetic youth. However, it’s also used in treating acne and other skin troubles and it helps your skin heal faster and more efficiently.

Rejuran uses salmon DNA injections to give you a plump, fresh appearance, banish wrinkles, scarring, and it simultaneously aids in skin regeneration. This beauty treatment has definitely made its way into the spotlight in Korea, but it’s also firing up the global market, as more skin experts line up to master the art of Rejuran.

Innovative New Beauty Treatments

Cinderella boobs

Or as the public knows it, the InstaBreast procedure which takes roughly 20 minutes and lasts for approximately one day. It’s a temporary augmentation that might be the perfect way to check if you’re up for a more permanent solution such as implants.

This procedure is commonly used among various US clients in a chase after a plumper cleavage for a special occasion, and its popularity is still rising. Perhaps once you see your potential, you may decide whether or not you have felt the confidence boost you’d expect from such a procedure, or you really prefer your natural look.

Innovative New Beauty Treatments

All in all, the beauty industry is doing its absolute best to utilize innovation every step of the way to provide you with the appearance you dream of. However, what’s most important is that you always consult a professional and an expert in the field of choice, so that you can make an informed decision based on your personal situation.

What are your thoughts?  Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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Innovative New Beauty Treatments

Innovative New Beauty Treatments

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