In Praise of Pets

In Praise of Pets

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As if family life wasn’t challenging enough, you’ve decided that it’s time to add to your brood in the shape of a furry friend. But you’re undecided whether a cat or dog is going to make it into the hearts and home of your family and what would work for the best.

We take a short look at the pros and cons of pet ownership in general and which four-legged friend is going to win you over.

In praise of cats

If you think cats aren’t loyal, think again. They’ll rush to meet you when you come through the door, though admittedly it might just be because they’re hungry. The great thing about cats is that they are much lower maintenance than dogs. They take care of their own exercise, are happy with two meals a day and won’t wreck your house when very little. Provided they have access to food, water, warmth, and your garden, you can shut the door when you head off to work, knowing they’ll be just fine.

You’ll be rewarded with a purring, warm animal on your lap in the evening and may even find them at the bottom of your bed while you sleep. Easy, friendly and fun.

In Praise of Pets

But dogs though

With dogs, you go deeper. There’s no doubt about it, a dog becomes a true member of the family. Right away they learn the pecking order and from then on in, you have a loyal and protective friend for life.

Sure, they require more maintenance but scheduling in a walk or two every day is not going to do your health any harm either. Their unwavering devotion means children too, get to know your pet and can learn to care and train a dog and take on the responsibilities of pet ownership from a young age.

Pick a breed that has the size and temperament to match your circumstances and you’ll wish you did it years ago. Invest some time training your animal and those things you worry about, like barking all day or running off can be overcome. Dogs simply bring so much to family life. It’s an obvious decision to make.

In Praise of Pets

Of course, neither of these might appeal and you might go down the route of caged pets such as rabbits or hamsters. At the end of the day pet ownership, large or small, requires dedication, commitment, and care and should be a decision that you think long and hard about. It can be a challenge, like, but one that gives so much more back than it takes in time and training.

When you’re settled down for the evening with a pet happily curled up on your lap, you’ll know why introducing one to your family was a great decision.

Dog or cat, hamster or rabbit do some research into what would work well for your dynamics and figure out what breed fits best. A large dog with a huge appetite for exercise or a lazy tabby who prefers dozing in the sun, make your family complete.

In Praise of Pets

What are your thoughts?  Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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In Praise of Pets


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