Tips For Getting A Puppy During A Pandemic

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A puppy is for life and for many households, they’ve taken the plunge and got themselves a pooch during the pandemic. It’s important that regardless of the current situation, you’ve thought about getting a dog long and hard. It’s not a rushed decision that you should be making and with that being said, here are some tips for getting a puppy during a pandemic. 

A Dog Is For Life – Are You Ready For That?

When it’s said that a dog is for life, it’s not something that’s made up. The average dog will live beyond a decade and when it comes to human years, that can be a long period of your life. It’s important to know whether or not you’re ready for that commitment just yet as there may be things in your life that you want to do and getting a dog might make that a problem.

There are certainly things to weigh up and think about. You might want to list your pros and cons when it comes to getting a dog so that you know exactly whether or not this is something that’s right for you at this current time. Really think long and hard about whether or not you should be getting a dog right now. You may really want one but if your current lifestyle or work life isn’t suitable, then you don’t want to be risking heartbreak for that dog if you had to give them away.

Make sure you have thought about the decision fully before going forward in looking for a dog, whether that’s a puppy or an older dog.

Have A Budget In Mind

A budget is important to consider because puppies aren’t cheap. If you’re lucky enough to get them from an adoption center, then it might be significantly cheaper. However, for puppies that come from breeders, depending on the breed you want to get, the cost of buying one could certainly be substantial.

Think about how much you’ve got available in savings firstly. This is important because the money you need as a deposit and the final balance will need to be readily available. Getting a puppy can be something that happens quickly or it might take time. It’s all dependent on the breeder’s availability and when the dogs get pregnant of course. 

There are also costs outside of purchasing the pet. You’ve got to think about food, pet insurance, and the cost of toys and treats. This can add up to a lot over time and so it’s important to know that you have the available funds to afford it. If not, you might want to continue saving for a while or purchase your puppy later down the line where you’re in a better financial position.

Consider Different Breeds

Breeds are all different from each other and no two are the same. It’s important to do a lot of research when it comes to getting a puppy, especially when you are considering the breed. Not only is breed important but the size may also be significant for you too. You may need to cater to a smaller dog due to the size of your property or perhaps you’re looking at getting a bigger dog to avoid the smaller breeds that can get a bit too yappy.

Think about the type of breed you want and make sure you do the research to check whether or not this breed will match your needs. Some are going to fit the criteria better and some might have seemed ideal to begin with but upon further research, they don’t turn out to be the best-suited option. With that being said, do the research and only move forward once you’re absolutely sure that this is the right breed for you and your household.

Do Your Research On How To Prepare

Doing your research is important because it’s good to know what you need to prep when it comes to the arrival of your puppy. There are things like puppy-proofing that you’ll need to do because there may be plenty of areas in your home that aren’t suited for a puppy. Exposed cables or things lying around on the floor that might be small enough to swallow or choke them is something you want to avoid. 

It’s worth taking a look around the home to see what needs removing and what needs covering up or blocking off. Puppies are explorers by nature and when they first arrive, they’re going to go everywhere and anywhere possible. It’s worth blocking off access to the rest of the home and confining them to just the one room until they’re settled.

You also want to think about all the things you’ll need to get for their arrival. Things like the dog’s bed or crate if you’re crate training. They’ll need toys, food, and various other bits and bobs. The list can be pretty lengthy, so be sure to do your due diligence and double-check that list to make sure you have everything you need.

Be Prepared For Some Sleepless Nights

There are going to be some sleepless nights. When you’re training your puppy and getting them settled, it’s worth looking for puppy training classes. Click here for the best online training courses that will suit your puppy needs. 

As your puppy settles into its new surroundings, you’re likely going to have a few sleepless nights. This might be due to them being restless in their new home or feeling lonely or anxious. Try to provide the best and most comfortable environment you can and take it night by night. Try to set up a routine because it’s good for the puppy to have structure from the very beginning. If you don’t enforce this from the start, it can lead to a lot more problems further down the line and that’s not what you want.

Find Popular Dog Areas For Socialization

A puppy is going to need plenty of socialization from a young age and so it’s good to introduce them to as many people and dogs as possible. Whenever you’re able to get out and about, try to find the heavily populated areas where dogs go and try to get friendly with other dog walkers when you’re out. It’s good to get the puppy used to different dogs of all breeds and sizes. The more they interact, the better it’s going to be for them as they grow up into adults.

The same goes for introducing them to humans, make sure they’re meeting as many humans as possible so that they can understand how to behave and the manners they need.

Take It A Day At A Time

Getting a puppy isn’t easy and as your puppy grows, you’re going to have new challenges along the way. It’s important to be patient and to shower your puppy with plenty of love and attention. Make sure that you’ve booked some time off when the puppy first arrives so that you can spend plenty of time with them and to help them settle in.

You also want to try and introduce training as early as possible but don’t overwhelm them. Some breeds get the training easily and some might take a little longer. Even the same breeds may differ in their ability to take commands and basic training. Keep it simple and basic in the commands and when you feel like you’re losing their attention, cut the lessons short.

Getting a puppy during a pandemic is a tough one so make sure you’re ready regardless of what breed you go for!

What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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5 thoughts on “Tips For Getting A Puppy During A Pandemic

  1. Great tips for getting a pup, especially now. I think this is a good time to get one because a lot of us are spending more time at home and the bonding process as well as training is much easier this way.

  2. These are all wonderful tips for getting a puppy anytime… no less during these crazy times 🙂 We have 2 dogs and a cat for now but will keep these tips in mind when we do decide to adopt 🙂

  3. It’s almost like having a baby but it brings so much joy and it’s so much fun! Great tips and things to keep in mind for those looking to welcome a new addition to the family!

  4. Well I think that still talking about pandemics and lockdowns is a bit exaggerated when by now, all in all, we are returning to normal life (at least here). Having said that I believe these guidelines are also important for anyone who gets a puppy for the first time, pandemic or not.

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