Creating a Spring Break Plan for the Whole Family

Creating a Spring Break Plan for the Whole Family

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For many families, spring break marks the turning point out of the cold winter and into nicer weather. Gone are the cold nights and warm blankets of winter — longer days and sunshine are upon us! It is time to celebrate with just the right spring break getaway.

Oftentimes, spring break means taking the kids and getting out of Dodge to enjoy the beginnings of spring anywhere the weather is nice enough to do so. For some families, it means the kids are finally out of school and anxious to be doing just about anything else for an entire week — namely wreaking havoc in the house. Regardless of what the exact spring break plan is, it can be a great time for family bonding and creating lifelong memories.

Either traveling or choosing to stay home can offer numerous opportunities to spend quality time with the family. With any luck, spring break will also provide ample time to relax and recharge for nicer weather. Below are a few ideas on how to plan your spring break.

Creating a Spring Break Plan for the Whole Family


Sometimes the idea of planning a trip or going away for a full week can just seem like too much. What you may need is some time to simply be at home to relax and take care of a number of home projects that have been neglected. Never fear — there are plenty of great staycation activities to keep the kids engaged and entertained all week!

A week at home is a great time to tackle arts and craft projects, and these types of activities are often exactly the creative outlet kids are craving. Pick up some craft paint that is safe for children to use and let the fun begin. Tap into those creative juices. Have them create things such as self-portraits, nature scenes, or depictions of what you will do for fun this summer.

Staycations can also be a great time for kids to discover the joys of spending time outside in your neighborhood. Spring break might include a family picnic at the local park or an overnight camping trip in the backyard. These types of activities usually require minimal planning, but they can make for great memories.

Creating a Spring Break Plan for the Whole Family

Outdoor Adventures

When the idea of staying at home for the duration of spring break just won’t cut it, it is time to plan a trip. With the advent of spring and the promise of nice weather, it may be the perfect time to plan a vacation to an outdoor destination. Every year, millions of people use spring break to travel to some of the nation’s most popular national parks to enjoy nature.

These types of trips often require a bit of preparation in advance. It is critical to be certain that you have all of the necessary gear for the family to be outdoors in a range of weather conditions, as spring temperatures can swing wildly from morning to evening. Furthermore, take care to pack enough food for the number of people on your trip and identify where you will be staying the night in advance.

Traveling can be an amazing opportunity to teach your children about the wonders of the world surrounding them. Additionally, it can be a powerful means of teaching them about other cultures, foods, and adventures that may not always be a part of their day-to-day life. Taking the time to seek out learning opportunities for kids while traveling can have a lasting impact and make them more tolerant and capable adults in the future.

Creating a Spring Break Plan for the Whole Family

Focus on the Moment

Regardless of where you go or what you do during your spring break, remember that the kids are most excited to be spending time with you and doing new things together. Don’t worry so much about overplanning the entire experience. Instead, focus on enjoying the moment and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Photography is a great way to document the fun and provide a means of looking back on past adventures. Remember to take lots of photos, but don’t be so caught up in doing so that you are always outside of the frame. Pictures are a great way to look back later but don’t make it such a priority that you are missing out on the fun.

Although there are certainly numerous other projects that likely needs to get done over spring break, there are few things more important than being present for your children during these impressionable times. Even if you have to work every day during spring break, try to take the time to make their vacation unique and fun. Something as simple as watching a movie and having popcorn together on the couch can be a great memory.

Creating a Spring Break Plan for the Whole Family

Spring break is a great time to get the whole family together to do something fun and celebrate the arrival of spring. There are plenty of activities that require various levels of planning, from staycations to week-long vacations. No matter which you do, there will be plenty of memory-making involved.

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Creating a Spring Break Plan for the Whole Family

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