The Charm and Cost of Cottage Home Designs

The Charm and Cost of Cottage Home Designs

Most of us, probably, would have seen the astonishing cottages in storybooks. Now, you can transform the picturesque storybook charm into reality and stay in your very own cottage.  These cottages make for an ideal choice to live in the mountains or near a beach or a lake. Sometimes these homes are also known as bungalows and what makes them warm and welcoming are their designs and locations.

Today, there are ample cottage home designs to pick from, and there are plenty of additional cottage home plans. You can imagine living in a cozy cottage with a spacious interior, fantastic kitchens, and inviting hearths. The comfortable porches outside allow one to connect with outdoor living and other natural detailing like stone accents and shingles add a character to these homes.

The Charm and Cost of Cottage Home DesignsThe cottage home designs     

There is no end to the choices available when it comes to cottage home plans. Typically, the cottage homes are economical to build and are traditionally styled with an informal-looking home plan. There are both smaller floor plans as well as more extensive home plans, and the cottages may be one-story or two-story designs.  It is hard to resist those arched doorways, picturesque dormers, and quaint porches. Many designs have extensive front porches supported by columns. One can pick from a vast library of cottage home designs as per their needs.

The Charm and Cost of Cottage Home Designs

 The cost of making a cottage home

The cottage homes often serve as a second home or a vacation place. But have you wondered as to how much would it cost to build a cottage home? Well, while it is a simple and common question, there are no simple answers. This is because there is no set formula that works behind as the cottages can vary a lot in terms of size, configuration, finishes, and the location. Thus, don’t be surprised to find a significant price range between different cottage home designs, models, and plans.

Currently, the starting cost of most cottages and the cottage home designs ranges around $250 per square foot. The prices, of course, do not include the price of land. Any furrier upgrades and customizations will add to the costs and raise the price. Most cottage homes that are customized fall within the range of $275-$325 per square foot. Still, the final costs depend on how complicated the design is and what kind of material and finishes are required.

The Charm and Cost of Cottage Home Designs

 Major factors that can impact the costs

While there are several factors that can impact the pricing, the biggest factors include the complexity of the cottage home designs, the kind of finishes, and the size.

  • The complexity of the cottage plan – A really complex design means intricate rooflines and lots of jogs, and all those aspects can raise the price per square foot.
  • The kind and quality of finishes- There are different finishes available in cottage home designs, and the price range can vary for the choices you make. For example, heated tile floors are more expensive than acrylic, and there is a very wide margin in the choices you make.
  • The location and physical features – The location and the price of the land too can leave a significant impact on the cost of your build. There can be additional costs for services such as water and sewer and the specific type of foundation.

The Charm and Cost of Cottage Home Designs

Look for efficient cottage home designs and plans to control the square footage cost of the cottage. The key is to maximize the functionality and at minimum costs. An efficient plan means no wasted space and maximum usage of every square foot of your home. Look for a cottage home design and plan that meets your needs and budget and design your dream-house accordingly.

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The Charm and Cost of Cottage Home Designs

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