3 Tips for Accumulating More Awesome Memories

3 Tips for Accumulating More Awesome Memories

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Everyone loves accumulating awesome memories that they can look back on with a smile, years down the line. In fact, by all accounts, those memories are some of the most precious treasures anyone can have.

Unfortunately, though, a lot of us find ourselves falling into routines where those memories don’t seem to be created anywhere near often enough, and were the kinds of moments that give rise to them are also lacking. It’s not uncommon to get to the end of a day, week, or even a month, without really being able to pinpoint anything interesting that happened in it.

One solution to this could be to document things in photographic form, courtesy of a company like Twinkle Portraits, so that you can intentionally highlight moments in time on a regular basis, to make them stand out more.

Here are some additional tips for accumulating more awesome memories.


3 Tips for Accumulating More Awesome Memories

Really be present for each moment



One of the reasons why we often don’t remember a lot of possible moments from our everyday lives is because we’re not really “present” for those moments at all.

In other words, we frequently allow ourselves to be so distracted, and so caught up in multitasking, that we don’t really experience the small blessings that everyday life presents us with.

There’s actually psychological research that shows that when people are distracted, they can overlook some seriously outlandish and significant things. One famous experiment, for example, involved two teams passing a ball back and forth and trying to count how many times the ball was passed. Meanwhile, a man in a gorilla suit walked into the middle of the game – and afterward, a lot of the test subjects hadn’t even noticed.

So, try to do one thing at a time, and to really focus on what it is you’re doing in each moment.


3 Tips for Accumulating More Awesome Memories

Regularly do things that take you outside of your ordinary routine


According to Chip and Dan Heath, and their book “The Power of Moments,” a big part of what solidifies things in our memory is the fact that those things differ from our ordinary everyday routines.

In other words, you’re far more likely to remember something if it’s even just slightly different from the norm.

These differences don’t need to be massive at all. According to some opinions, even just taking a different route on your drive home from work can make a situation far more memorable.

So, to collect more great memories, regularly do things that take you outside of your ordinary routine at least a little bit – and consider bringing your family and friends along for the ride.


3 Tips for Accumulating More Awesome Memories

Take up journaling

Photographs will give you a very clear visual reminder of what was happening in a particular moment, but journalling gives you an insight into what was happening in your own mind in a particular moment.

Regular journaling is one of the best ways of connecting yourself with a particular moment in time, and one experience that people often have when going through their old journals is being reminded of things they had completely forgotten.

On top of helping to solidify your memories, regular journalling offers all sorts of other benefits, including increased peace of mind, and better organization.

3 Tips for Accumulating More Awesome Memories

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3 Tips for Accumulating More Awesome Memories

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