Four Ways To Keep Your Baby Happy

Four Ways To Keep Your Baby Happy

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When we bring the new life into the world, it can feel a bit strange and uncertain at times. But there is no doubt in the immense love that we feel for our children. So once you have settled into your new routine, and you aren’t panicking so much about the essentials, you will find you have an engaging and smiley baby to keep entertained on your hands. Once you have bought the baby clothing essentials worked out your babies routine for feeding, sleeping, and everything else that needs to be Taken care of, you can then focus on the fun things. Given a baby happy can be as easy as sing a song or playing peekaboo, but they’re ready-made games that can help you, and here are some tips from parents have been in your position, that might help you with your entertainment for your baby.

Four Ways To Keep Your Baby Happy


Children of all ages absolutely love bubbles. Just putting some bubbles in the machine and letting it go, can be entertaining for hours and hours. If you have older children, this could actually entertain everyone at the same time. You can add some games into the mix, or you can ask them to pop the bubbles, or even add some music to the fun, and dance in the bubbles. This one is especially useful for getting some lovely photos of your baby, so get your camera out at the same time and you will have some precious memories to add to your album as well.

Four Ways To Keep Your Baby Happy

Light up toys

Children of toys and light-up toys are one of a regular favourite in many households. A lighter keyboard, or a puppy that tells the time, can quickly become a baby‘s best friend, portable toys that light up and make lots of noise are a great option for when you need to go out and about. You’ll find a doctor surgery is full of these toys because they keep the baby is quiet and focused For a short while whilst they are waiting to be seen. Some of these toys, however, can be a bit “much” at times and many parents joke of removing batteries and hiding them at times, but surrounding your baby with lots of bright activities and musical light up toys is not only entertaining but educational for them too.

Four Ways To Keep Your Baby Happy


Singing songs that include the alphabet, and numbers really help babies to learn quickly. The first things we think of when it comes to teaching our babies about the world are usually numbers, letters, shapes and colours, so singing a song such as “I can sing a rainbow“ or the ABC song, cannot only keep them happy but will entertain your baby with education too. There are also baby groups and classes that you can take your baby to which you can enjoy together, baby sign language, gymnastics and yoga are very popular as well as baby swimming lessons. All of these things are available to you to do with your baby. You might be surprised at what the options are for children so young, but it always helps to choose things that are educational and helpful to your baby’s development.

Four Ways To Keep Your Baby Happy


Putting your baby in the pushchair, and going for a long walk around the countryside is an adventure that you will all benefit from. Many families go for a walk outdoors regularly, but there are things you can do that are considered adventures, which babies absolutely love. A trip to a local farm to show them all the animals, a walk around the boating lake or even a trip to the local park can be exciting and help your baby learn. Adventure generally helps babies sleep as well because they are worn out from the activities and much more likely to have a good nights sleep. As children get older and the baby phase passes, you will find that some of these adventures will carry on, but instead of the pushchair you may end up with a scooter or a bike, and it’s always great to get outdoors exercising, and plenty of fresh air. 

Four Ways To Keep Your Baby Happy

So whether you’re taking your baby on a long walk, to a group class, or to the swimming centre, as long as you are engaging with them, and showing them the world, you are doing wonderful things for your baby. This means that you are able to create a special bond and educate them at the same time as well. 

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Four Ways To Keep Your Baby Happy


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  1. Huge yes for playing bubbles! Even us adults loves the floating bubbles and intrigue on its rainbow moving colors.

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