Vanities – Beautify Your Bathroom!

Vanities - Beautify Your Bathroom!

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Bathroom vanities are generally defined as the bathroom sink and the surrounding furniture that will increase the value of the space. Since they are among the most used items in your bathroom, it is vital that you choose them properly. A great vanity not only defines the theme of your bathroom, but it also makes your bathroom-going experience smooth and hassle-free. Here are some tips on how to choose.

Vanities - Beautify Your Bathroom!

Consider the Space Available

After you have installed the shower and the bath, along with the toilet, you should measure how much space it is available. Ideally, you should leave some space free in front of the cabinet so that you can easily open drawers and doors. You also need to consider whether you need to install a double basin, or whether a single sink would serve your purpose. The amount of space you have available will also affect the height, width, and shape of the mirror.

Decide on a Theme

Vanities can be partially or completely matching the other fittings and accessories of the bathroom. So, whenever you think of creating the interiors with a theme it becomes important to consider the other parts, including the effect of the light of the items. This should increase the beauty of the space, not as an individual bathroom space. 

Vanities - Beautify Your Bathroom!

Plan for Electrics and Plumbing

You should remember that plumping and electrics are essential parts of every bathroom and the vanities you should buy the products that will complement the electrical and plumbing work. As we know that it is a highly important part of the bathing area in the house. For example, if the electrical socket is far away from the vanity cabinet and the sink, you will need to stand at a distance to use a hairdryer. You may be able to save some money in terms of plumbing costs by installing the vanity near the bath or the shower. But there are government rules regarding where you can install electrical outlets, so it is better to consult an electrician regarding the matter.

Vanities - Beautify Your Bathroom!


Stone or Timber Bench Tops

If you have a bathroom that is used frequently, you may want to go for stone as it is ideal for wet areas. You do not need to care for them too much and they are easy to clean. Timber, on the other hand, adds a warm feeling to the bathroom atmosphere and has more aesthetic appeal. Before buying vanities for your bathroom, you should ask yourself if everyone is going to clean up after using the bathroom. If the answer is no, then you should go for stone tabletops. 

Doors or Drawers

Drawers are a highly useful space utility zone, so when you need to store your cosmetics or other sanitary uses items it is the best storage space. Always consider adding the drawers on the walls to save space inside the bathroom.

Vanities - Beautify Your Bathroom!

Type of Basin

While buying vanities for your bathroom, it is important to carefully consider what type of basin you want. If you want maximum storage space, you should get yourself top mount or semi-recessed basins. Under-mounts are useful especially if you want that additional bench space, as well as space for cleaning. But this leads to you losing valuable cupboard or drawer space.

If you need some outside input, you can always consult your designer or your retailer who can then provide you with some design ideas. You need to get yourself a vanity that will be useful for you and that goes well with the rest of the bathroom.

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Vanities - Beautify Your Bathroom!

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