Why You’re Struggling To Stick To A Diet

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Do you constantly give up on diets? Many of us find dieting tough and there can be many reasons as to why we give in. Below are some of the main reasons you could be struggling to stick with a nutritional plan. 

Your diets are too strict (and aren’t practical long-term)

Crash diets that involve living on nothing soup or eating one meal per day can help some people to lose weight. However, they tend to make most people miserable – they’re so tough that it becomes easy to give in. A diet doesn’t have to feel like a punishment. In fact, there are some diets that still allow you to eat your favourite treats. Such a diet is likely to be easier to keep up and it will be more sustainable in the long run (crash diets don’t involve permanent lifestyle changes and those that do succeed at them often end up going back to their old habits after reaching their goals).

You’re surrounding yourself with temptations

If your cupboards are full of snacks or you’re regularly accompanying friends to fast food restaurants, you’ll find it much harder to stick to your diet. Avoid temptations by clearing out your cupboards of junk food and avoiding places that are likely to make you give in. Get family and friends on your side so that they’re not tempting you.

You’re doing nothing to fill the gap

Giving up foods and cutting out snacks might leave you with a sense of emptiness (particularly if you’re a comfort eater). If you’re not filling this void, your cravings are likely to cause you to give in. Consider whether there are healthy snack substitutes that you can rely on. Alternatively, it could be a case of finding new habits to give you that sense of comfort other than eating such as listening to music to relieve stress or taking up a craft hobby to occupy your hands while watching TV. 

No-one is supporting you

It can be hard to stick to a diet when nobody is offering support. Finding a friend or family member to diet with could help spur you on – you may feel as if you’re letting them down if you give into your cravings. You can also consider hiring a professional nutritional coach to motivate you – you can find coaches here at Working Against Gravity. On top of this, there are weight loss support groups that you can try. 

You’re not recording and rewarding your progress

Tracking and rewarding your progress can help motivate you to reach your goals. There are dieting apps that you can use as listed here at Healthline that can be great for tracking progress. Try not to weigh or measure yourself every day – once per week or once per month may be all that’s necessary. When it comes to setting rewards, make sure that you’re not bingeing on your favourite foods as this will undo your hard work – limit your foody treats or find other ways to reward yourself. 

You’re being too impatient

Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. Some people can take years to reach their weight goals when dieting. It’s important to not give up early and to not be put off by brief periods of regression (there may be weeks when your weight goes up despite following a strict diet – your body may be fighting against the weight loss, but you can overcome this by staying strong and sticking to your diet). 

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  1. Great thoughts here…I think sometimes we also need to change our mindset and stop thinking of it as a ‘diet’ phase but rather a lifestyle change.

    1. Thanks for reading & sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate your support, comfort, and love. I read every single comment and it helps to shape LavandaMichelle.com into the best blog possible. ❤ I am Enjoying Life as Mom and Wife ❤ Lavanda Michelle North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger

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