4 Tips For Moving Your Family To A New State

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One of the more fun aspects of living in the modern world is that it’s never been easier to pack up our belongings and move elsewhere. You could decide to do this because you’ve been offered a job, or want to be close to relatives, or just because you feel like trying something new. While you’ll hopefully find that the move turns out to be positive for you and your family, it’ll be a process to get to that point. In this blog, we’re going to run through some tips to follow when you’re moving your family to a new state. 

Go by Yourself in Advance

You’re still living in the United States, sure, but when you’re moving to a new state, you’ll need to accept that there are going to be some differences. Plus, when you’re moving anywhere, you need to know where’s a good and bad place to live, where the good schools are, things like that. So look at figuring out these things well in advance of your move date by taking a solo trip to visit the state. You’ll be able to get a better sense of the place without having to worry about looking after/entertaining the children.

Celebrate Your Current Home

You might have all eyes on your future, but it’s worth taking some time to give respect to your current home and state. You’ll have had plenty of happy memories there, and, while you’ll probably know that it’s time to start a new chapter, it’s not as if you should rush out of the state as fast as you can. So slow down, celebrate the good moments, and give thanks. The place you’re leaving will be part of the stories you tell when you’re older. Give yourself time to let everything sink in. 

Handle the Logistical Aspects

Leaving one home for another can be an emotional experience, but there’s also plenty of logistical aspects that you’ll need to take care of too. You’ll find that this part of the move is a lot less stressful if you’re not trying to do everything yourself. Unless you’ve got experience in moving across the country, it’ll be better to put the task in the hands of those that do have experience. This won’t just involve transporting your goods, but also certain family members — Shiply can help transport your pet to your new home, for instance. Aside from making the task of moving easier, you’ll find that working with professional companies can give you peace of mind that everything has been taken care of, too. 

Begin Making Connections 

You’ll feel much better about the move — not to mention more at home — if it feels like you know people in your new state. So why not look at making connections as soon as possible? Even striking up a conversation with neighbors and people in supermarkets will help to make you feel more confident that you’ve made the right choice, especially once you see how friendly people tend to be! 

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5 thoughts on “4 Tips For Moving Your Family To A New State

  1. great tip! move is never easy but it is much needed and is for the better. you give a great advise

  2. Great tips!! We didn’t move states but moved about 2 hours from city to country in July. We’ll probably move to a nearby state in another 2 years. It’s overwhelming with 3 littles, for sure!!!

  3. These are some fab tips. We’re a military family so we’ve moved often. Although now I think my husband will be retiring soon, so we’re settling down.

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