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There’s a lot of excitement in the air around Clubhouse, the world’s newest Exclusive Social Audio App that puts corporation owners, big-business execs, entrepreneurs, professional artists, and other content creators all in the same virtual audio room while having one big productive conversation with one another, as well as with common people, or rather extraordinary people who converse around various subject matter. The Clubhouse app is in the beta stage at this time and had approximately 2 million users at the end of January 2021, up from 600,000 users back in July of 2020 just six months ago.

The exponential growth comes from the founders’ invites to celebrities such as MC Hammer, Oprah, Jared Leto, Kevin Hart, and others coming in like  The Game, Joe Rogan, Tiffany Haddish, Grant Cardone, Les Brown, and Joe Budden among others. While the founders, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth created the new platform, their partners, Chris Lyons and Naithan Jones’s marketing strategy combined with their activity strategy has been more instrumental in bringing the most people into the Clubhouse app than any measure.  

Its value lies in the timing and the valuation which has reached $100 billion. The app launched during COVID-19 at a time when more people were sheltered in place than usual and missing the entire free-flow and enjoyment of normal socializing. You and I and the entire world are on different social media platforms, but may not be so familiar with this new form of social media. Unlike Video chats such as Zoom, Skype, Facebook

Live and Messenger, FaceTime, or Android’s Duo, you don’t see faces – you just listen and talk only on Apple devices. At this time, Android users aren’t able to download the Clubhouse app but don’t worry. There is a work-around.   

For non-Apple users, as long as you can receive texts (on Android, iPhone, Pixel, etc.), and have access to anyone’s Apple device, you can download the Clubhouse App and participate in many of the thousands of conversations being had in the various clubs and rooms happening in real-time. Although you can download the app and may have an iPhone or iPad, you still have to be invited in order to get involved.


Go to JoinClubhouse.com and download their app from the App Store to reserve your username. Someone who’s already in Clubhouse may see a notification alerting them that you’ve joined. They may have the option to wave you in or if they have an invite, they can send it to you so you can accept and join.

After you’ve been let in, complete your Clubhouse profile and be sure your description’s first three profile lines clearly and succinctly state your interests to explain what value you’ll bring to the conversations you’re seeking to participate in. You may join discussions in rooms as a listener, a speaker, or a moderator.   You’ll find celebrity talk shows, virtual events, virtual DJ nights, live performances, dating rooms, rooms for political discussions, and more.


Once you’re accepted in as a Clubhouse member….READ MORE

Be sure to update your Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

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5 thoughts on “WHAT IS CLUBHOUSE?

  1. I cannot wait until it is available for Android, I feel I am missing all the good things and fun this clubhouse app has to offer

  2. Great to see a blogger friend write about Clubhouse. I joined a few weeks ago and fell in love with it hard. So hard, I actually took a step back and turned off notifications for a few days. I kept wanting to pop into rooms. Definitely such a great place to connect, learn, and inspire each other.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful and a great way for people to stay connected and make new connections. Once this is over it will be so nice to finally meet up with friends and family again. Thanks for sharing about Clubhouse I know many people who would benefit from it.

  4. I’ve heard a bit about this but haven’t fully looked into it yet, it sounds like a wonderful app to try to get on!

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