Hey – Did You Get Your Clubhouse Invite?

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Once you’re accepted in as a Clubhouse member, I would suggest that you toggle around to see what subjects interest you. Once you’ve found a room that you would like to enter, simply tap on the room and you’ll be let in. All new users’ profile picture is tagged with a party hat so you’re welcomed and celebrated as the new-comer on the block.

https://lavandamichelle.com/2021/02/09/join-clubhouse-for-real-time-social-networking/Once you’re in the room you’ll be placed in the audience. From the audience you’re only able to listen in. So, as you listen in long enough to catch up with what’s been said, so you’re not coming in with premature comments and disturbing the energy of the room, or the direction of the conversation already in play. Some people actually take notes so they may refer back to those notes if need be for once they have a turn tp speak, they’re able to recall.

Once you’ve got the gist of where the conversation’s going, this is a good time to press the hand icon (or ‘raise your hand.’) If the/a moderator so chooses, they will allow you to move from the audience and enter onto what is called the stage. The stage is where everyone who has been given the ability to speak can join in on the conversation at hand.

Moderators may announce housekeeping rules and remind everyone about what the topic is so as to reset the room to make sure everyone is on the same page. If something being said compels you to speak up, hopefully it will be to help someone in keeping with the respect for those holding the space for everyone.

It’s usually accepted to politely interrupt and ask to interject if you feel that you need to add clarity or understanding to the topic. You may want to ask the question around whatever your little heart desires and allow Clubhousers to offer their answers and not be judged for them. At least that’s how we would like it to turn out 100% of the time. 

You are now fully engaged with the Clubhouse app, and you’ve gotten acquainted enough with the written rules as well as the unspoken rules, so you can open a room and speak on the topic of your expertise or get more information on something you’re newly interested in. Either way Clubhouse is a very smart way to network as well as enjoy the social aspect of mingling that social distancing has us all missing.

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  1. Clubhouse seems like a fantastic place to share ideas and connect with others. Starting as the audience and then being able to participate sounds like a great way to get started.

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