Golden Rules For A Healthier, Happier Family

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The last year has been incredibly difficult. With families staying at home and scary headlines dominating the news, health and wellbeing have never been more important. In this guide, we’ll go through some golden rules to boost health and happiness. 

Eating Well

Eating well is all about improving nutrition and adding foods that are packed with nutrients to your diet. A healthy, balanced diet is essential for adults and children. If you’re keen to overhaul your eating habits, or you’d like to encourage your kids to eat healthier foods, it’s a great idea to make some changes to your weekly menu. Try to cook at home as much as possible, vary dishes to make mealtimes more interesting and exciting and look for easy, healthy recipes online if you’re pushed for time. If your kids are fussy eaters, or they object to vegetables, you can hide vegetables in sauces and soups, create delicious smoothies together or use your creative flair to prepare fabulous plates that feature cucumber crocodiles, smiley faces made from fruit or toadstools made from strawberries. There are all kinds of fantastic ideas on social media and sites like Pinterest. Aim to moderate your intake of sugar, salt and saturated fats and plan menus and grocery store lists in advance so that you don’t get tempted to resort to fast food or takeouts.  If you feel like you would like to give your body a little extra help, you may wish to consider adding a supplement from somewhere like Nature Happiness into your diet to ensure that you and your family are getting all the nutrition you need to keep your bodies healthy and functioning as normal.

Moving More

One of the best things to come out of staying at home more has been exercising as a family. Many families have got into the habit of going for a walk every day or going for bike rides at the weekends. Being active is beneficial for mental and physical health and it’s essential for children and adults. If you find it hard to exercise as a result of pain or restrictions on time, there are solutions. Seek advice from your doctor or see a chiropractor if pain is holding you back and try to make exercise part of your daily routine if you’re working full-time. Getting up earlier, making the most of lighter spring/summer evenings and using lunch breaks to stretch your legs can help. You could also consider saving time by organizing activities such as going for a walk and having a picnic for dinner, which will enable you to eat and exercise at the same time. Working out at home is also a fantastic idea if you’re short on time. You can do virtual training sessions, online classes or use home gym equipment. 

Boosting Mental Health

Many of us are aware of the importance of taking steps to prevent physical health problems, but we don’t pay as much attention to our mental health. Just as you can protect your body, you can also nourish your mental wellbeing. Spend quality time together, have fun as a family, recognize when you need a break or some time out, socialize and devote time to hobbies that make you feel good and talk openly. Encourage your kids to speak up if they’re worried or anxious and try and ensure that they know that you’re always there to listen. 

We all want the people we love most to be happy and healthy. If health is your number one priority for 2021, follow these golden rules!

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Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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10 thoughts on “Golden Rules For A Healthier, Happier Family

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Taking care of mental and physical health is so important these days. These are truly great ideas for a healthier, happier fam, thanks for sharing ❤️

  2. I love what you said about nourishing mental health, because you are right, we don’t place enough emphasis on it. Moving your body and exercising us important as well.

  3. These are definitely a good and helpful rules that need to implement at home. Eating good food will make your body and mind healthy.

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