How to Keep Your Family Healthy and Sane During the Pandemic

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There’s a lot to deal with in the wake of COVID-19, from having to work remotely to canceling vacations, home-schooling kids, and minimizing outdoor social activities. As the pandemic persists and the need for self-isolation continues, individual mental issues such as anxiety are most likely a challenge in many homes. According to a survey, 56% of young adults in the US have reported anxiety or some form of depressive disorder due to the pandemic. Amid all these concerns, families will likely be spending more time together than usual. Here are four ways to keep your family healthy and sane during the pandemic.

Adapt to remote working

Returning to traditional office settings may not be happening anytime soon, and now is a good time to establish your home office, provided you don’t have one. With an estimated 42% of the US labor force currently working from home, several studies have proposed that the new working-from-home economy will continue to grow even post-pandemic. Depending on your home space, set up a functional home office to strike a good balance between home and your work life. Remote working can be difficult when every member of the family is fighting for space. Ensure to get as much space as possible to keep your entire household productive.

Manage school closures

As the pandemic numbers continue to increase, more states are shutting down schools indefinitely, with several others battling to implement e-learning programs. This transition is proving a challenge for both parents and kids. With several schools taking to e-learning, parents are expected to provide their kids with connected devices and offer them dedicated workspaces. Should that not be the case for your kids, you may have to offer them a structured mix of learning, entertainment, and other activities to unplug. While you may engage in some cooking activities together, PennyDell Puzzles also offers a good mix of fun and educational products to keep the entire family engaged.

Schedule time for exercising

With the current restricted contact and interaction with others, it may not be easy to cope. The need to stay indoors and avoid places like the gym has led to many individuals developing inactive lifestyles. However, a regular dose of exercise is good for your entire family’s physical and emotional well-being. If you’re not convinced about the safety of getting the family out for a jog or walk, grab the old workout videos or find some on YouTube. There are many exercises you can do indoors together with the family. If you need some ideas, here are some indoor family exercise you can consider;

  • Yoga
  • Dancing
  • Crabwalk, push-ups, and squats
  • Jumping jacks
  • Hopscotch

If possible, get the entire family outside to do some gardening jobs, sweat, and get some fresh air into their lungs.

Take precautions if you have to go out

If it’s crucial to go out, visit family, or buy some groceries, it’s best to adhere to all necessary precautions to avoid risking yourself and the family. After having been separated from friends and loved ones for a while, you’re more likely to let your guards down when you visit. It’s advisable to get tested before seeing them, yet that’s not an excuse to play down the need to follow necessary precautions. Experts have indicated that there’s a chance to test negative for COVID-19 although you have the virus, and even if it’s negative, you can still catch the virus after. It’s therefore vital to stay safe as much as possible.

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15 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Family Healthy and Sane During the Pandemic

  1. Such great and practical tips. I know from friends with kids that managing the school closures is one oft the most challenging and stressful aspects from the pandemic. Love the mental well being tips, but honestly ready for this to end!!

  2. These are really great ides. COVID 19 made a very huge impact in our daily lives and it’s important to keep the family healthy.

  3. We have been staying home and plan to continue doing so until most people are vaccinated. It is the safe way to do it

  4. These are such wonderful ideas. I’m thankful that I have been working from home for the past ten years. My kids are doing homeschool this school year too. It’s been great being able to stay home and help them.

  5. Love this article! Only seen a few people talking about this despite being amidst the pandemic.

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