SENSO Wireless Earbud Review

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I had been looking for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that wouldn’t fall out of my ear during my active days, so I grabbed a pair of Senso TW10 EarPods and here’s my experience with them.

From taking them out of the flat black and sleek box to opening the black and sleek charger dock with red interior, my first impression was that I was very impressed by their entire appearance. Presentation matters before performance with most things for me. 

Before I could properly utilize this new pair of earbuds, I had to learn about the functions so, of course, I read the instructions. The numbered steps in the owners’ manual were so well written that reading each step once was sufficient. 

So, when I took them out of the case, I saw the blue Bluetooth pairing light blinking which prompts me to turn on Bluetooth in my settings. After which, I see “WINGS | be free” and select it. I was happy to hear them connect very fast and easy with no hesitation or long pause.

I put them on my ears and they slipped on simply enough. They were noticeably comfortable and light-weight which I appreciated. I then hit play and listened. I decided to listen to an instrumental by Rujay and I heard every instrument in the song crystal-clearly, plus the bass was dropping with that roundness you want to hear without distorting. It wasn’t distorting at all but sounded really good.

I was able to tap either the left or the right earpiece once for the music to pause and tap it again for it to resume playing. When I paused the music for 5 minutes the earbuds announced that they’re powering off and did just that. To turn them back on, all I had to do is tap and hold my finger on each one for 3 seconds. 

After a while, I really couldn’t even feel them on my ear and they never became detached from my phone. When I experienced that first phone call which I answered with one quick tap, the voice came through beautifully. However, I had to repeat myself which makes me believe that the volume of my voice was either too low, or the microphone’s volume requires that I speak up unless the caller had issues on their end. 

Overall, If I had to give these EarPods a score on a scale of 1-5 I would give them a 5 .

What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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  1. Wireless is definitely more convenient. I’ve been looking for a good pair and these look very comfortable too. Thanks for sharing!

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