What Can You Do to Improve Your Home?

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When you first move into your home, you spend a whole lot of time getting it up to scratch. You’ll invest in all sorts of different areas to make sure space looks and feels as you want it to. But over time, you may find that these efforts slow down or stop completely. You get caught up in the routine of day-to-day life and your home becomes a little neglected. As time passes further, you may begin to feel uncomfortable in your living space, or even embarrassed to bring people into it. This is when you need to start focusing on home improvement. Your home should be a comfortable safe haven where you can head back after a long day and kick up your feet to relax. It’s a space you should be able to enjoy with your kids, creating happy memories and bonding together in a happy environment. It’s where you should be able to entertain friends and family. Now, after the past year and a half, where we’ve been spending more time at home than ever due to the pandemic, chances are, you already have some ideas that will make this space you’re spending so much time in much nicer. But here are some more suggestions to help you along the way!

It’s Time to Deep Clean

When’s the last time you deep cleaned your home? Sure, we all complete routine household chores and tasks. We load the dishwasher, we run the vacuum around, we wipe down work surfaces and we pick up the kids’ toys after them. But we’re talking about a real deep clean. There are certain tasks that need to be carried out less routinely and consequently completely slip under the radar for months at a time. It’s important to carry these out, as these are what can make all the difference to how clean your property feels and how enjoyable it is to spend time in it. Here are some deep cleaning tasks to add to your schedule sooner rather than later:

  • Carpet cleaning – we all vacuum, but when’s the last time you deep cleaned your carpet? Sure, the vacuum will pick up surface dirt. But when kids and pets run around with mud or dirt on their feet, and when drinks or food are spilled, dirt can get more ground in and will need more effort to lift out. Hire a professional carpet cleaner or a carpet cleaning machine and fluid to use yourself. This will leave your carpets looking like new.
  • Wipe down the skirting boards – this is such a simple and straightforward task but so many people miss it out. Dust and dirt will mount up on your skirting boards and you only need to wipe them down with a damp cloth and cleaning solution to resolve this problem.
  • Clean your shower curtain – shower curtains often stay hung up for months on end without being cleaned. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the clean water from the shower is washing them down every time you use it. Instead, water can create a damp atmosphere which is a breeding ground for bacteria. Unhook your shower curtain and put it in a cool wash every now and then. Hang it out to drip dry and it will remain in a good, clean condition.

Consider Renovations

Renovations are a bit more of a commitment than a deep clean. It will be a more costly process that requires the help of professionals. But it can really help your home to look like new again, or it can make your home better suit you and your family’s needs. The best renovations for you will depend entirely on your needs and preferences as a family. Having new windows fitted by a window installation company near me can get rid of peeling or damaged frames. Having an extension can provide you with a guest room, space for a home office, a games room or anything else. A loft conversion can do the same without requiring much land to build on.


Decorating can make a big difference too! A fresh lick of paint really can make your home feel like new again. Whether you choose a fresh coat of the existing color on the walls, or whether you go for an entirely new tone, make sure to do the job properly. Take your time and use proper equipment. Be patient and wait for the paint to fully dry before attempting to apply a second coat. If you like, you can even use the services of a professional painter decorator.

These are just a few different approaches you can take to sprucing your home up and making it space you enjoy spending time in and you’re proud to share with others!

What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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8 thoughts on “What Can You Do to Improve Your Home?

  1. We had company a few weeks ago and were able to do a pretty thorough cleaning job before they arrived. We’ve been renovating our 160 year old home for the past 20 years, and are nearly done! (It had been neglected for a few decades.)

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