How Can You Increase Your Investment Returns

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According to a Gallup report, 89% of Americans in the high-income bracket own various stocks and investments. However, investment is not for the rich alone. Indeed, anyone interested in saving for the future can take the necessary steps to invest. Contrary to public perception, stocks and investment, in general, are open to all, as long as people are committed to doing it for the long haul. So, if you have already bought stocks or have plans to, perhaps, you can learn something about how to increase your returns.

  • Diversify your investment portfolio and benefit from bull markets

The overall importance of portfolio diversification is to have multiple income streams. It is also a preemptive measure against losing your funds in periods of high market volatility. However, in diversifying your portfolio, it is vital to allocate enough funds for all. Usually, the best option is to have appropriate percentages for each one. Based on experience, investors realize that returns are highest during bull markets and therefore move with the flow. A bull market, in many cases, is a good thing because it indicates a rise in the market.

In doing so, however, you may want to keep an eye on performance against the market rise. Although your main focus is to increase your returns, bull markets do not last long. With this in mind, it is vital to maintain a fair market balance regardless of prevailing economic conditions. The principle here is to be alert and exercise caution as you maximize your gains.

  • Consider leverage trading

Indeed, borrowing from financial institutions comes at interests you may not be too comfortable with. Despite the risk, the concept of borrowing, in a leverage trading sense, can offer many advantages. First of all, it increases the purchasing power of investors who do not have sufficient cash. As with all borrowing, you have a responsibility to pay back leverage, but the exciting bit is that you would have made a profit when payment is due.

  • Think long-term investment

Whenever you have a conversation with an experienced investor, one of the things you are bound to hear is a long-term investment. There is no ‘get rich quick scheme with credible investments because the risks are high. If you carry out an internet search, you will notice that most short-term investment schemes have resulted in various levels of mishaps over the years. Investing with a long-term mentality is usually considered the best way to go.

Experts say the least amount of time you can commit to investment is five years. So, if you’re sticking to the long haul, it is better to think about leaving your investment to grow for decades. For example, if you invest $10,000 at an 8% average rate, you will end up with a little over a million USD in two to three decades.

Assuming you invested that much at the age of thirty, you will have over a million dollars by the time you retire. Indeed, this may not be a get-rich-quick strategy, but it still is wealth creation, and more importantly, you would have increased your investment returns. Finally, it is vital to know where and what to invest in. Undoubtedly, waiting for a long time takes self-discipline and patience. 

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